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Berry Amendment and Flame Resistant Parts Case Study

Berry Amendment Parts

FlexSystems has been manufacturing custom parts since 1994. We began making tongue parts for hockey skates as well as motocross leg-knee labels and guards. From there, we continued to build on the experience we have gained from producing custom parts in a wide assortment of industries. 

Flame Resistant Parts

Our 2D USA Made pvc labels have been used to decorate items that require flame resistant properties.  We have material on hand that has been blended to meet UL94VO. This material is used to manufacture labels, glove parts, shoe tabs, zipper pulls, etc. that will self-extinguish if caught on fire. It can withstand 400F for two hours and there will not be evidence of dripping off the part or sagging. There are many ASTM standards that require this sort of performance when exposed to flames. The parts are easy to sew on to a variety of materials and do not puncture, tear or rip. They can be cleaned off with soap and water and do not fade, peel, unravel or chip off. 

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