How to Sew PVC Labels onto garments

Our custom pvc labels are made in California, not China. These are very easy to sew onto a wide variety of garments. In the case of this womens shirt, the Bud Blue Crew shirt label was sewn at the bottom of the shirt. We used a single needle for this. The parts do not perforate and the 3D label lasts a very long time.

Custom Keychains. How To Use For Your Promotion

Do you have a promotion coming up and need a product to hand out? Try our 3D rubber
Keychains. We can make any shape and our sizes go up to 10 x 10. A bit big for a keychain. Customers love to hand out Items that are useful and will not be thrown away

Rubber Labels

We made the Bio Care animal product labels in two sizes for our customer. They had a rush situation and needed the job done in days. Not only that, the artwork was very difficult and was unable to be embroidered or even silkscreened.

Custom PVC Labels

The demand for customer labels is never ending….once you have a brand name for your company or event or promotion, you want to put it on every product you have to get your name out there. To enhance your visibility. Our 3D pvc labels help create your brand image. Instead of a flat and common logo, we can ensure that your brand label stands out with our process.

Brand Labels

Many famous brand names have been using our brand labels for their labeling needs. From Ebay to Google, Adobe and Foxfire to name a few. The nice looking 3D pvc logos sew on easily to both heavy and light fabrics. And you can also include a 3D zipper pull to compliment the pvc label for your garments.

Labels For You

Boy, if there is one thing we have, it is labels for you ! Do you need a custom patch? Do you have a Berry Amendment project? How about glow in the darkPatch with VELCRO® brand fastenerses? Reflective clothing labels?

Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners

We are the only company in the USA to make the 3D pvcPatch with VELCRO® brand fastenerses. All the others come from China(boo). The other type Of morale badges are made from embroidered patches. And these fade, chip, peel, unravel and do not last long in the harsh environments that many of of our customers travel to and live in. Especially our military forces

3D Labels

The UFC Fox custom patches show off the 3D affect of our labels….most customers have tried embroidery and embroidered patches and want a change.

The pvc labels we make show off your logo in a tactile way. The custom labels we made in this case were sewn onto a variety of bags and hats and some glove sets.

Custom Keychains

Flexsystems has been a keychain maker in San Diego since 1994. We not only make 3D pvc key chains but four color process ones as well. In the picture, the key chains are what we call four color process. The particular beverage company had very tough artwork for a normal 3D rubber keychain