Custom 3D Rubber Lapel Pins

Our USA made lapel pins are very popular…..we can create any shape for you and any pantone color. The ION custom lapel pins were a rush…we made several thousand in a week. We added the clear transfer to the back with the company name and ensured that the colors were exactly what the distributors customer wanted.

Scuba Custom Patches

Our USA Made custom heat seal patches were recently reordered by Sea Soft in Oregon. The unique parts have a cool texture to them. We make a lot of scuba custom labels, but I think these are the most unique.

Badge Patches

Flexsystems has been making quite a few badge patches in the last month…we think the word has gotten out that we make them in the USA …the only company to actually make thePatch with VELCRO® brand fastenerses in the United States ! Not in China…..

Logo Patches

Sometimes we do not know much about the logo patches we make….but more often than not, we do get nice emails from our customers telling us what they custom emblems were used for and what they think of them.

In the case of ITS TACTICAL, we make glow in the darkPatch with VELCRO® brand fastenerses for them which they love. Recently, they contacted us and order two new custom emblems for St. Pats Day

Rubber Labels

We do a lot of work with Google via our distributors…they love our custom rubber labels….Once you order a mold, you can use this for all sorts of items, not just custom patches. The mold can be used, if the right size, for magnets, keychains, zip pulls and hang tags as well as 3D stickers.


Many people come to the Flexsystems website to find labels. 90% of what we manufacture in San Diego are labels. So they do find labels on our site ! Maybe more than they bargained for. Our custom pvc labels andPatch with VELCRO® brand fastenerses are capable of capturing finite detail. When customers are looking for a solution to a difficult logo or trying to find an alternative to embroidery and silkscreen and heat transfer paper, they try our 3D logos. And love them !

Custom Emblems

Flexsystems is a pvc manufacturer in San Diego. All other pvc manufacturers are offshore in China primarily. Our custom emblems are made in the USA. And our process to make these parts differs from how they are made in China. Our detail can be more finite and our low minimums and rush service as well as our decoration service set us apart from all other companies.

PVC Labels

Many companies have a variety of logos that they use. In the case of this customer, our distributor wanted 4 different pvc labels to be made. We make the custom Pvc labels here in San Diego and can hold the inventory for customers. The company was able to order a large quantity of each custom emblem and take advantage of the lower pricing.

Custom Patches

Our custom patches offer companies an array of ways to show off their logo. In the case of the BioCare labels, the particular Veterinary company had a difficult label. It could not be embroidered or silkscreened. We were able to use our four color process technique. That way, we kept all the detail in the custom patch and placed it onto a vinyl backer. The custom label can then be heat sealed or sew onto whatever product the customer requires. In this case, the two sized parts were sewn onto nice bags.

Custom Rubber Bar Mats

One of the most popular items for bars and restaurants is a bar mat. Most of the top end liquors have their name and logo on these mats. By giving them to the bar or restaurant to use, it ensures that their brand name is top of mind. The bar mat is not just advertising.

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