Custom 3D Logos

3d badges

Our customer had an important trade show to go to. Their customer had very detailed characters that they wanted on the trade show badges. Our pvc labels were able to do the detail in the artwork and capture the look that the customer wanted. Made here in San Diego, the custom emblems are pour molded into etched molds.

Keychain Maker

3D keychain

Flexsystems is a USA Keychain maker. Located in San Diego, we offer no minimums, rush and other products that we make in our factory. All other companies import from China, but we are the USA manufacturer.

PVC Labels and PVC Label Manufacturer in San Diego

Bulldog 3D

Our pvc labels are made in our San Diego factory. We are also a pvc label Manufacturer. All other companies who supply these 3D labels import them from China. We actually make the custom emblems in our San Diego factory and we have been doing so since […]

Two Sided Custom Microsoft Zipper Pull

4CP Two sided Mircosoft zip pull

The logo for Microsoft is very difficult to replicate…not just for embroideres, but any company that makes logos for branding. Our four color process not only allows for a perfect execution of difficult logos, we were able to use this for our two sided zipper pulls. We also attach a d ring or an o ring so that the customer can easily affix them to jackets, bags, cases and other items to brand.

Custom Emblem

Adobe Label Heat Sealed to Victorinox Laptop sleeve

Our Adobe custom pvc label was made in our factory and then we heat sealed them onto Victorinox Laptop sleeves for our distributor.

The crisp detail in the custom emblem meant that the logo stands out from a distance. Instead of sewing,
we were able to heat seal the parts on easily and in a rush.

3D Philips logo

image001 (2)

Our distributors are gearing up for a big Spring in 2013 and the requests for custom emblems for golf shirts is picking up speed. Many times, the customers logo does not work with embroidery. Our 3D logos hold quite a bit of detail in a small space […]

3D logo

4cp 3d hybrid organ

This USA Made custom 3D logo was difficult. The customer wanted the detail as well as the 3D relief. We decided to use our Hybrid 4CP/3D labels. The colorful label was made in our four color process format and the wording on the label was embossed. The […]

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