Pai Industries Custom Bar Mat Promotional Products

Pai Industries American Truck Parts Manufacturing

You might probably be wondering why a maker of Mac Truck parts would use a bar mat as a choice of promotional products, but when you working with Pai Industries, you don’t question at all. As the top supplier of their industry, they are well recognized and

The Puppy Project PVC Sew On Labels

“Happiness is a Trained Dog” . Today we are featuring one of our customers ‘The Puppy Project”. We created custom PVC Sew on Labels for them. This can be used to promote their business on their t-shirts or bags and the 3D quality will stand out and

30 Million Birds are Killed by Wind Farms Every Year

RIP STEFAN THE STORK – ONE OF 30 MILLION BIRDS KILLED BY WIND FARMS EVERY YEAR   Criticism of the wind industry as written by James Delingpole on “What I’ve noticed, whenever this issue arises, is that one of Big Green’s useful idiots will always crop up

Martha Stewart Vote For American Manufacturing of Custom Labels and Promotional Products PVC Flexsystems USA

Martha Steward Icon, American Manufacturing

Martha Stewart Vote For American Manufacturing of Custom Labels and Promotional Products PVC Flexsystems USA Mark your calendar for upcoming voting for the finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made contest.  Thank you all who shared and voted for Flexsystems USA.  Please continue to support Made in

Decorate with PVC Labels – Tips For PrintWear Magazine

Decorate with PVC Labels

Decorate With PVC Labels PVC labels are an easy way to decorate pet items such as collars, leads, beds and pet accessory items. The material is long-lasting, and does not fade, crack, unravel or tear. The easiest way to apply the labels is to sew them on,

Promoting the Gun Industry with USA Made PVC Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners

San Diego, Ca. One of the more popular ways of promoting companies in the gun industry is the use of the popular 2D pvc Patch with VELCRO® brand fasteners. The Shot Show in January as well as the NRA show in April had many companies using this

Olsen Sailing Gear PVC Reflective Labels

Olsen Sailing Gear PVC Reflective Labels Our VELCRO® brand fasteners® cuff tabs and our reflective labels were on many of the new Olsen Sailing Gear jackets at the recent Magic Show in Las Vegas. A new American company, Olsen Sailing Gear is 100% American Made. The founder

Inspire Youth To Be Makers in American Made Culture

American Made – For the Next Generation The American Made movement is not just for adult consumers and business owners. Our youth is our next generation of American Made makers. Instead of waiting, inspire them now! There are programs that can help encourage youth to be makers,

Tibia Medical Part for a Brace

Custom Silicone Part USA Made for Tibia Part on Brace Flexsystems assisted a top brace manufacturer with a tibia brace part. To protect the shin bone or tibia, we developed a unique die cut part. It was adhered to the brace to protect this area of the

Custom Kickstand Pads Featured in Advantages Magazine

Custom Kickstand Pads by Flexsystems For the second time now, our PVC products are featured in Advantages Magazine.  You can find us on Page 116 of the April 2014 issue and looking toward the bottom right, where they are featuring our motorcycle kickstand pads.  You don’t have


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