Accessories for Sports

Stock Sports Dogtag with Ball and Chain


Stock Sports Dog Tags with 24″ Ball & Chain Beautifully designed Custom Sports Dog Tags for female athletes and fans in the largest selection of sports and team colors. Custom order with your Logo, Insignia, Unique Sport Design, Team Name, School Name or Mascot Name for your next […]

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Stock Hoodie Cord Locks


Girls Sports Hoodie Cord Locks are a fun and decorative way to stop the strings on your hoodies, sweat pants, shorts or other garments with a tie-up cinch, from disappearing into the seamed area or waistband, where they become lost and very hard to recover. Sold in sets of two.

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Stock Shoelace Locks / Lace Charms


Shoelace Charms are a fun and decorative way to prevent the laces of your shoes from sliding back and forth, creating uneven ends when tying.

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Stock Sports Earrings


Stock Sports Earrings Size: .75″ Diameter These cute little Vanilla scented earrings are perfect for sports team boosters or fundraising. Since custom earrings are meant to be exposed to the public, the very nature of this great promotional item will generate tons of attention. Sold in sets of two. […]

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Stock Sports Keychains with Split Ring


Size: 2.75 x 1″ Everybody’s got keys, making these Vanilla scented key chains a perennial favorite for fundraising. Add extra dimension to your marketing campaigns with these scented key tags!

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Stock Sports Lapel Pins


Stock Sports Lapel Pins with Military Clutch Size: .75″ Diameter A very popular item that can be pinned on a lapel, bag strap, varsity sweater, jacket or hat. Community Youth League Sports Pins, Sports Team and Tournament Lapel Pins are becoming very popular with the Youth and Adults sports enthusiasts. […]

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Stock “Flubber” Headband


Beautifully designed Sports Button Headbands for female athletes and fans in the largest selection of team colors and sports. Pick your button (shown below) to match your sport with Sports Button Headbands.

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Stock Stretchy “Flubber” Wristbands


Tired of the same old silicone rubber wristbands? Searching for a Unique, more attractive and fun wristband? When you wear the one-size-fits-all Sports Button Wristband

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Custom Tennis Dampeners

Tennis Dampner Silicone

Flexsystems Tennis String Dampeners are perfect for charity tournaments, tennis camps, country clubs, high school teams and fundraisers. Vibration dampeners are easy to add to your racket, and they help reduce the string vibration caused by the ball’s impact. They also eliminate the ping you hear when the…

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Stock Zipper Pulls Sport


Sports Zipper Pulls are made from soft PVC; are more durable and eye catching. Great for Events, Fundraisers, Games, Pep Rallies, Tournaments and Jamborees. Make your next team or league fundraising event a huge success. Fun and decorative sports apparel accessory that will enhance your appearance while showing pride for a favorite School, Sport, Squad, Team, League or Organization. Put cool in your zip!

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