Custom Velcro Patches

Businesses Can Use Custom Velcro Patches for Employee Recognition Programs

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There are affordable solutions available for organizations that want to implement employee recognition programs. One viable solution is to have custom morale patches created from PVC, or rubber with Velcro backing. The patches may be made using basic designs, or you can choose from 3D effects and […]

Custom Velcro Patches Are Used By Several Types of Professional Organizations

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Many types of organizations use custom Velcro patches made from PVC as part of their uniform design. Uniforms in many professions must be kept up to a set standard, such as common with law enforcement, U.S Armed Forces, Coast Guard, and private security firms. The reason these […]

Custom Velcro Patches


Custom PVC Velcro Patches, PVC Morale Patches         Our USA Made custom PVC Velcro patches can be created with any shape or size or color. We also offer rush services. Many companies are switching over from embroidery to our corn based USA made PVC […]

Custom Patches


Our custom patches offer companies an array of ways to show off their logo. In the case of the BioCare labels, the particular Veterinary company had a difficult label. It could not be embroidered or silkscreened. We were able to use our four color process technique. That way, we kept all the detail in the custom patch and placed it onto a vinyl backer. The custom label can then be heat sealed or sew onto whatever product the customer requires. In this case, the two sized parts were sewn onto nice bags.


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