3D Labels


3D labels, patches and custom emblems from Flexsystems. Our 3D labels, patches and emblems sew easily onto all types of fabrics. They will not perforate, chip off, de-laminate and will last longer than embroidery or silkscreen. The unique rubber-like 3D PVC plastic labels, emblems or patches are

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USA Labels


USA Made Labels not Made in China PVC labels. We are proud to make our pvc labels here in San Diego, Ca. Flexsystems was the first company to bring the 3D labels to the USA. And to our knowledge, we are the only company to manufacture the […]

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Woven Labels


Woven labels are a nice way to label a garment or hat or bag……we offer all types of woven sew on labels. Picture of bellacure woven label

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Vinyl Stickers and Decals

Glow in the Dark Stickers

USA Made Custom Glow in the dark labels Any shape or size you like, send us your artwork and we will quote your project.

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Variable Data Labels


Smart Track – Lead Apron Inspection Manage, track, and document the inspections of radiation protection garments. Variable Data labels for Inventory Management of radiation protection garments. We are pleased to introduce our lead apron inspection tool that will allow our customers to manage, track, and document the […]

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Stock Labels


There are many pvc labels and rubber patches that are common to many companies and industries. We are going to build this section, so please check back from time to time. There is no mold or die cost.  

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Rubber Patches


Custom Rubber Patches Made in the USA Many customers call our PVC labels rubber patches. While we can import pure rubber, most customers really are referring to our PVC labels. Our material, FlexBioCorn tm, is new and is biodegradable and medical grade. In the case of the […]

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Recycled PVC Labels


Our recycled custom labels and patches are made at our factory in San Diego, Ca. Using the material from our past jobs, we combine the material and use it for this it for most of the custom products we make here. The color choices are limited and […]

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Reflective Labels

Reflexite labels

Our reflective material is Reflexite. The same material that is used on Cal Trans signs and industrial situations. The material is sturdy and we embed it into our 3D patches for a long life.        

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PVC Labels


Our PVC custom labels show a degree of detail and crispness to enhance your logo. From custom sew-on labels, to patches for hats, caps, bags and fleece jackets, the labels sew on beautifully…and in some cases, we can heat seal the custom label to materials that bond well. Our

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