Custom Charms

Custom Charms

Custom CharmsThese flexible, custom, soft, molded, rubber 3D plastic charms are an inexpensive way to promote your brand name or product and are often used for schools, universities, fraternities and sororities as well as fundraisers. You can clip them onto most any item. The detail we can achieve in a small area is significant so you will not have to give up your design for lack of space. These are great giveaways for corporate functions or pep rallies and homecoming gatherings.

The promotional 3D rubber charms are a fun way to show off your customer’s logo. Our rubber 3D PVC charms are popular for beverage, entertainment, auto, golf and sporting events and school customers. Or dog charms and cat charms for your pet events. How about a reflective back to school charm for the schools you sell to?

If you like the look of the custom PVC charms, you can often use the same mold to make custom sewing labels, rubber lapel pins, PVC magnets, and hang tags.

And if you want an eco friendly item, we can use our recycled resin to make the parts for you. Our recycled resin is 95% post consumer reclaimed resin from previous orders that used to get shipped to garden hose manufacturers.

Many customers have difficult to decorate art. If this is the case, we can use our new Flex 4CP four-color process for your 3D PVC charm. From computer-generated art to animated art, we can replicate it exactly the way the customer wishes.

We offer on-site decoration; just send us your blanks. In addition, we can supply warehousing (110,000 sq feet) fulfillment, assembly and packaging.


 “We did a Flex patch to decorate a bag for AMC. This piece was originally going to be laminated but we had to rush the job and eliminate that step. Thank you John and David and Melissa at Flex for getting all this done in less than 1 week!”

Johanna Decal,


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