Co Branded Labels

Co-Branded Labels

Co Branded Labels

Often distributors have an event or a product launch or a sports activity where there are multiple sponsors. It is very difficult to embroider or silkscreen several company logos on one area. And if you want to keep the patch or clothing sew on label small, it is nearly impossible.

The amount of detail and color that a co-branded labed or multi-logoed label needs is substantial. And embroidery, pad printing or silkscreening are not capable of doing this at a small enough size to be utilized for most applications. Below are some examples of co-branded labels that allow the imprinting of multiple logos to a small location.

Co Branded Labels 


This co-branded label was made for Reed-Hycalog, a industrial drill manufacturer, who was then purchased by NOY, so they added their corporate logo to the Reed-Hycalog emblem that was sewn on the OGIO backpacks that they handed out yearly as a corporate incentive for safety compliance.

Co Branded Labels 


The 4CP “Intrawest” and molded PVC “ATON” labels are excellent examples of how corporations can co brand one patch to showcase their multiple corporations  or co sponsors for one event.

Co Branded Labels 


This co-branded “Holiday Inn” label made for Global Brand Management and was one of many labels designed, produced and finally applied to backpacks that were distributed at a conference showcasing the wide range of hotel and motel properties they manage, of which Holiday Inn was only one of.

Co Branded Labels 


Can you believe 6 Sponsors on one label? We did it ! And we probably could have figured how to put even more on ! Our distributor was very happy as was the customer..this was not going to happen on an embroidered patch, silkscreen or direct embroidery..unless you went to 10 inches x 10 inches ! The custom emblems were sewn onto a wide variety of items for the event.



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