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Flexsystems Heat Transfer Labels

Custom Heatsealable LabelsHeat seal is a great way to adhere our 3D rubber like products, depending on the fabric you are using. We do the heat seal application in house for you. Or we can teach you how to apply our products to your finished goods.

3D soft and flexible PVC heat seal labels and soft PVC heat transfers are a great method to decorate promotional products like hats, caps,jackets and bags. They can be used on many items, but we always recommend that you send us the item to test the bond. Neoprene laptop bags and MP3 cases by Built and Cocoon are some examples of fabrics that are very receptive to this bond.

Soft 3D PVC Labels with Heatseal

The PVC soft flexible heat seal rubber patches and labels can be made in any custom shape or size. Or you can opt to use our common sizes on the price sheet. We can match any pantone color at no charge, have no minimums, provide RUSH service in days and can drop ship and do the fulfillment for you.

If you like the look of the heat transfer, you can often use the mold to make small flexible custom sew on labels, PVC magnets, PVC rubber charms, PVC decals and more. It is a great way to amortize the mold cost and unify your brand look with the same medium.

We can offer eco friendly heat seal labels for promotional use. We simply use our material that has been used once in production. Prior to offering this new recycled material, we use to ship the material to a garden hose manufacturer.

If you have difficult artwork, we can use our new patent pending Flex 4CP process. It enables us to use your art exactly as it is and how your customer wants it to look. From computer generated art to animated art and just plain difficult art, we can replicate it without editing it. Please look at the 4CP pricing.

We offer on site decoration, fulfillment in our San Diego, California warehouse as well as assembly and sourcing and custom manufacturing.

“My client, James River, was in a bind. They had purchased waterproof PVC jackets that could not be embroidered, as the embroidery would have rendered them useless. I was very lucky that my co-worker, Bobby Baughn, referred me to Flexsystems®. John quickly provided a solution by first testing the jacket with their heat seal method, and then they delivered the order in a reasonable timeframe. This made my customer very happy. They will reorder the same jackets for Winter 2010/2011.”

Melissa Keller,
Promotional Considerations

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USA Pricing

PRICING FOR 2 COLOR ART ONLY (Includes Background Color) – Additional Costs Below

Exceptions: Patent Pending “Flex4CP” Labels are Available in FULL COLOR – No Color Limitations
A Unique Alternative to Silkscreen or Embroidery – TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Our Unique, 3D Flexible Parts and Labels Can be Applied by Sewing, Heat Seal or Adhesive. – PERFECT FOR THOSE HARD TO BRAND ITEMS!


Heat Seal Labels USA Pricing

Scale0-25 (A)26-50 (A)51-100 (A)101-250 (A)251-500 (A)501-1000 (A)1001-5000 (A)
.5" x 1" 6.13 5.73 2.98 2.73 2.33 1.13 .95
.75" x .75" 6.13 5.77 3.01 2.81 2.39 1.15 1.01
1.5" X .5" 6.13 5.85 3.05 2.85 2.45 1.19 1.05
1" X 1" 6.13 5.93 3.13 2.93 2.53 1.25 1.15
3" X .5" 6.13 5.93 3.73 3.53 2.73 1.31 1.21
2" X 1" 6.13 5.93 3.93 3.73 3.13 1.33 1.25
1.5" CIR 6.13 5.93 4.13 3.73 3.33 1.53 1.45
2.75" X 1" 6.13 5.93 4.13 3.93 3.53 1.53 1.45
2" X 1.5" 6.13 5.93 4.53 4.05 3.65 1.65 1.55
3" X 1" 6.13 5.90 4.53 4.05 3.65 1.65 1.55
2" CIR 8.13 7.73 4.73 4.11 3.71 1.73 1.65
2.5" x 2.5" 8.13 7.73 5.13 4.13 3.73 2.13 1.73
3" x 2" 8.13 7.73 5.73 4.13 3.73 3.13 2.93
3" X 3" 10.13 7.93 1.13 5.73 5.13 3.33 3.13
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