Custom Kickstand Pads for U.S.M.C.

Custom Kickstand pads custom kickstand padsCustom Kickstand Pads For U.S.M.C.

We recently manufactured these custom kickstand pads for the U.S.M.C.  They turned out great with a clear smooth finish.  Our custom kickstand pads are a great promotional item for your business, motorcycle club, group or fundraising event.  We make custom kickstand pads that will last.  Customizing for color and size we know there is a kickstand pad for you!

Made out of ABS plastic and created by our patented design these custom kickstand pads are made to last.  The material will not crack or break under stress or weight.  Our custom kickstand pads can be used on any surface.  The custom kickstand pads can be customized for any color and size.  Our most common sizes are 4in.x4in. and 6in.x6in. kickstand pads.  The custom kickstand pads are shiny, waterproof, flexible and impact resistant.  Kickstand pads are a great addition to your investment because they are great shock absorbers and they are lightweight.

Many of our customers come to us after a negative experience working with the orient.  Made in the USA since 1994, Flexsystems takes the time to create a product insuring it will last.




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