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Since 1994, we have been manufacturing USA Made PVC  labels, custom labels and rubber labels here in San Diego,Ca. Our customers call them by many names- custom emblems, patches and sew on clothing labels and badges. They are easy to sew and they can be heat sealed to some fabrics as well.

Our number one seller is our custom label that can be sewn on…and we can also sew our PVC custom labels onto hats, bags, shirts, jackets and most soft goods.


We have been doing business with Flexsystems® for three years now. They have provided us with quality work for our top clients. The molded patches really compliment the Mobile Edge products, and we are continuing to grow with Flexsystems® by introducing the Flex recycled PVC patches to our recycled bag line this year.”

Summer Valdez,
Mobile Edge

Unique, Custom and FAST Custom PVC Plastic Products in Days

Do you need custom PVC lapel pins in 2 days? Do you need soft PVC medallions or PVC dog tags? How about a molded PVC zipper pull for your backpack or jacket? Does your event need custom molded PVC bands or rubber wrist bands? Have you tried a 3D embossed hang tag label?

Lasts Forever – Recycled Material for Patches and Emblems

Available as heat transfers, custom rubber patches, badges, lanyards, luggage tags, logo plastic label, cover ups for bags and hats, USA made labels.

Difficult Logos? – Try Patent Pending Flex4CP

Our four color process can replicate any logo into a sew-on clothing label. We use our soft PVC label and embed the four color artwork inside. We are a wholesale PVC label manufacturer that manufactures sew-on patches, morale patches, morale patches with VELCRO® and environmentally responsible promotional products.

Find More FlexSystems® Labels Below:

  • Rubber Molded Patches Flexsystems Makes Phthalate Free Rubber PVC Patches Our embossed labels sew easily onto all types of fabrics. They will not perforate, chip off, delaminate and will last longer than embroidery or silkscreen. The unique rubber like 3D PVC plastic labels, emblems or patches are custom made. An independent lab has tested our USA made products – Click here for SGS test ...
  • 3D Labels 3D labels, patches and custom emblems from Flexsystems. Our 3D labels, patches and emblems sew easily onto all types of fabrics. They will not perforate, chip off, de-laminate and will last longer than embroidery or silkscreen. The unique rubber-like 3D PVC plastic labels, emblems or patches are
  • 3D Rubber Labels Are Great For Company Branding Made In The USA We are proud to make our rubber labels here in America.  Our company was the first to bring 3D Labels to the USA.  Tactical is a distribution company we work with and they ordered these precision patches from Virginia, the 757. These rubber patches and custom emblems add extra flare to your helmets, gear, or clothing.   ...
  • 4CP Four-Color Process PVC Labels FLEX4CP  —Patent Pending Four-Color Process PVC Labels Our four color process with plastic/PVC. Many customers had difficult art and did not want to simplify or give up the detail. We invented a new four color process that allows us to maintain the integrity of the art on custom PVC labels. This process can be used for ...
  • 4CP Hybrid The brand new Flexsystems® four-color process custom labels make use of our patent pending “4CP Hybrid” technology that combines the fresh look of our molded PVC plastic products with the amazing detail-matching process used in four-color printing.
  • A Custom Label Made from PVC Adds a Higher Degree of Detail Part of creating a label involves the degree of detail and amount of crispness used to enhance your logo, image or brand name. Using a custom label made from PVC can help set your products apart from your competition. When you have a label that stands out and draws people in, it makes them more ...
  • Animal Print Tennis Dampener from Sequen We recently designed these animal print tennis dampeners for Sequen, a sporting goods company who designs luxury products for athletes.   Be seen in style while standing out with your unique PVC tennis dampener.  These items are great to show customers new ideas while having fun on the tennis court.  
  • Asia Pacific Markets Usese the Flexsystems Custom PVC labels and Patches The customer needed a new look and did not want to use embroidery for their project. We suggested our pvc labels and they loved the way the logo popped out. Not only that, the detail and tactile feel fo the label gave a new image to the caps, bags and polo shirts that we sewed ...
  • Bag Labels Flexsystems Bag Labels Our 3D rubber flexi custom patches for bags and soft flexible PVC labels are great for bags, backpacks and Cocoon laptop cases because they last longer than silkscreen and embroidery. We can also sew or heat-seal them on-site for you. We are experts
  • Berry Amendment Labels Compliant Berry Amendment Labels, Badges, Patches and Emblems Many military contractors come to us for the custom zipper pulls and patches. Our new FlexBioCorn material is a medical grade material that is very sturdy and will last in harsh environments unlike embroidery and silkscreen labels. Not only do we make custom Berry Amendment labels, VELCRO® patches and ...


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