Unique Custom Promotional ProductsUnique Custom Promotional Products

PVC Labels,   Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners,  Key Chains, Kickstand Pads

In any organization, be it the military, a motorcycle club, charity or service group, forging a collective culture and identity is so important for morale. When people feel tied to an organization and unified with its members, they are more willing and able to commit to its vision and goals. Take the US Military for example; each branch has rich traditions and symbols (such as patches and medals) that provide visible recognition for members’ service and accomplishments. Both clubs and organizations benefit when they offer items that promote their identities, such as PVC labels, patches and promotional items.

At Flexsystems, we take the concept of custom made patches a step further than traditional embroidery patches. We offer a diverse line of products that can serve as tools to show off your organization’s logo, or function as morale items that recognize member accomplishments.

Our custom PVC labels are attractive, durable and three-dimensional, and provide unprecedented detail and crispness to your logo design. While these labels can be heat-bonded or sewn onto a variety of materials, we also offer Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners that can withstand the elements yet retain their appearance for years to come. Whether you just want to add your organization’s logo to something, or you want to craft specialized badges to showcase milestones or accomplishments, we can help. With no order minimums and unsurpassed customer service, we can help you select the products that will show off your organization.

Are you looking for more unique promotional items?

We have a diverse variety of products that can be used for fundraisers, awareness campaigns or as gifts to members or donors. From custom-made motorcycle kickstand pads to rubber bracelets and key chains, we have items that are unique, and crafted with an eye for quality. We offer products that are made in the USA, and if ever one of our products is sourced from another country, we are sure to tell you about that upfront. We also offer items made from recycled materials, custom packaging and rush orders.

If you have any questions about our promotional products, or the ways in which we can help your organization, contact the Flexsystems’ team today!