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Flexpet by Flexsystems is a line of custom pet promotional products.

baluandcoDue to popular demand from our distributors, we have created some fun 3D or four color process custom plastic items for your customers and their four legged friends.

From the local pet store or groomer, to the rescue group or pet product manufacturer, FlexPet by Flexsystems offers promotional 3D custom dog collars, custom PVC dog leads, promotional rubber pet I.D. tags, custom rubber pet charms, and custom pet products to suit most budgets.


Josh,I just received the labels and wow. I am very impressed! These are perfect and came out even better than expected! The detail is excellent! I would like to thank you for every aspect of this project. The communication back an fourth was the fastest I’ve ever had on a custom business project such as this. Not only did you guys produce a astonishing product, but the cost was less than expected. Furthermore, the lead time was faster than expected as well. I cannot express how much i appreciate doing business with you. You’d have better luck finding a unicorn than finding a business who are on time, below budget and has great communication skills. Well it looks like i have found my unicorn. Here on out, my company will be using your labeling services whenever we need something, granted it needs this type of label. I want to sincerely thank you again for the excellent unmatched service and product. We are very pleased and will be placing the big order of labels in the near future.

Thank you,


Owner, Monocle


  • Adopt a shelter dog and add joy to your life

    We just came across this beautiful article with photos that a photographer took of dogs found at the landfill.  These are sweet dogs and unfortunately if they are not rescued and adopted they will go unnoticed. Here at Flexsystems USA we have a rescue dog named Rosie (see photo to the left).  She’s our loving mascot here in our office.  We rescued her from The Barking Lot pet rescue in El Cajon. If you happen to be in the Bay Area and looking to adopt a dog, check out The Milo Foundation.  They do wonderful work with pets.
  • Breed Specific FlexPets PVC

    Flexsystems Breed Specific Promotional Products Our USA Made breed specific PVC 3D dog items are colorful and fun…use your imagination to put what ever saying, shape and color on them! And add fragrance to the part as well! Send us your art and we can show you all the products we can make using your breed photo. From custom dog collars, to dog id tags, dog charms, dog collar sliders, dog coasters, dog keychains, dog bands and more. We can replicate photos or very difficult art. Our new Flex 4CP allows us to take the most difficult art, from animated to computer generated ...
  • Custom Pet Charms

    3D plastic charms are an inexpensive way to promote your name or event or product. You can clip them onto most any item. The detail we can achieve in a small area is significant so you will not have to give up your design for lack of space.
  • Custom Pet Labels Made in the USA

    We make a lot of custom pet labels that we ship back to the manufacturer to sew onto their own line of pet beds, collars, leashes, and similar items.  Instead of woven labels, they want the colorful look of our custom USA Made PVC Labels. Flexsystems is a USA Manufacturer and importer of custom 3D flexible PVC Labels and molded plastic products. We offer phthalate free PVC and flexible PVC, recycled PVC to silicone labels, rubber patches and rubber emblems, sewing labels, four color process labels, garment labels, waterproof garment labels, injection molded parts, custom TPU and EVA plastic promotional products.
  • Custom Pet Products FlexPets

    Flexsystems Custom Pet Products We have had many customers come to us to make their dog product line. Our “Made in the USA” capability is still very important to many people. They do not want to import from the Orient and feel strongly about USA Made products. We can import for you, but we can also make very unique and high quality pet products in the USA. A company that specializes in dog search and rescue asked us to make their collars. Due to the nature of the use, the collars were very technical and used only military grade webbing and very ...
  • Dog Collars And Leads FlexPets

    Flexsystems Dog Collars And Leads Our custom dog collars and unique dog leads come decorated with your customer’s logo on them. Made from sturdy nylon with plastic buckles for an easy snap on application. The 3D, soft PVC label is decorated with your customer’s brand name that sews onto the collar and onto the leash. Chose from popular colors for the collar and the dog leash. We also make custom 3D PVC Dog collars. Call 619-401-1858 for More Details and Pricing or Use our Quote Page Provide petfood for homeless dogs – IT’S FREE! Courtesy of


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