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Custom PVC PatchesOur custom patches offer companies an array of ways to show off their logo. In the case of the BioCare labels, the particular veterinary company had a difficult label. It could not be embroidered or silkscreened. We were able to use our four color process technique. That way, we kept all the detail in the custom patches and placed them onto a vinyl backer. The custom label can then be heat sealed or sew onto whatever product the customer requires. In this case, the two sized parts were sewn onto nice bags.

We do get many medical and veterinary companies that come to us due to the degree of detail in their corporate name and logo. Most of these companies have been disappointed by orders from other companies.  When they find that FlexSystems replicates their logo in its entirety, they are extremely happy. Contact us today for more information on getting custom patches online!

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Hi Gary,

I received the thank you note and gift card the other day and just wanted to thank you for them. Also, the patches look fantastic! I am definitely glad I went with flex systems as the patches came out better than I intended.

thanks again!


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