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Custom Pet Products FlexPetsWe have had many customers come to us to make their dog product line. Our “Made in the USA” capability is still very important to many people. They do not want to import from the Orient and feel strongly about USA Made products. We can import for you, but we can also make very unique and high quality pet products in the USA.

A company that specializes in dog search and rescue asked us to make their collars. Due to the nature of the use, the collars were very technical and used only military grade webbing and very sturdy appliances.

Another company that sells to the US Military asked us to make dog collars to a specification for their particular military unit.

Many pet product companies come to us with their dream and we help them bring their products to market.

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The owner of a Search and Rescue dog line came to us for a custom product. She is one of the many people who need a manufacturer to assist them with a custom idea.

  • Military grade webbing.
  • Toughest material for the strongest dogs.
  • Military quality construction, where safety is key.
  • Buckle holes reinforced with grommets, built to last.
  • Industrial strength reflective material, Reflexite®
  • Graphics will not fade, chip or peal, polymer based.






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