Custom PVC Motorcycle Kickstand Pads – USA Made

Custom PVC Motorcycle Kickstand Pads – USA Made

custom PVC motorcycle kickstand pads


Custom PVC motorcycle kickstand pads are a popular promotional item here at Flexsystems.  PVC kickstand pads are perfect for retail stores, motorcycle events and motorcycle clubs.  We are based in San Diego and have been making custom PVC products for over 20 years.

We created these custom PVC motorcycle kickstand pads for our distributor.  Our distributor needed PVC kickstand pads for their customer NGK Spark Plugs.  NGK is a world leading spark plug manufacturing company.  As a leader in its industry, NGK provides the highest quality products all over the world.   Many of the products sold in the United States are made in America.  NGK started in 1936 with one product and over the years has expanded through innovation and technology development.  Adding products numerous new product lines such as ceramic filters and NGK wire sets.

Our PVC is soft and flexible and customizable to any shape and size.  Custom PVC motorcycle kickstand pads are strong and suitable for any terrain.  Our custom PVC kickstand pads will fit any make and model bike.  Sizes can range from 4in x 4in to 6in x 6in.  Customize your kickstand pad for shape, color, thickness and even a unique finish.  Finishes such as the wet look we did for the Triumph kickstand pad and the repeating pattern on the Indian kickstand pad.  Our Flex 4 color process allows us to match the detail of your artwork exactly how you want it to look.  Whether you have computer generated art, animated art or very detailed art, we can replicate it without simplifying it.

At Flexsystems, our patented design on all USA made custom PVC motorcycle kickstand pads are made to last.  Many of our distributors have come to us for USA made custom PVC kickstand pads after having the orient product break on the customer.  We are dedicated to quality products and outstanding customer service.  Over the last 20 years, we have earned rave reviews and repeat business.

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  1. I have a couple of smaller M/C dealers I have talked to, and I think I could sell Kickstand Pads, but I have no idea where to start on pricing.

    Is there something published that I’m not finding? Thinking 500 to 1,000 with a major Manufacturers logo plus the dealers name & city.


    Jim Daniel
    Daniel NorthWest
    UPIC# DanielNW

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