Custom Rubber Lapel Pins

Custom Rubber Lapel Pins

rubber lapel pinsPromotional Custom Rubber Lapel Pins are a unique jewelry item. We have won an award with our distributor for the AIA pin we did using our recycled material. For fun, how about adding a fragrance? Or make the rubber lapel pin a glow in the dark, glitter filled or reflective – just ask us, we specialize in custom plastic 3D flexible promotional products!

Our custom PVC lapel pins are bendable and flexible. We can make the rubber lapel pins in the USA or in the Orient – wholesale or OEM. The USA lapel pins are often called PVC pins or recycled PVC lapel pins or promotional flexible phthalate free PVC pins.

If you have difficult art, try our Flex4CP lapel pins. We did a pin for the Miami AIA group in this medium and they loved it! See the image above. The art would not work with either metal or plastic….but with our four color process lapel pin, you can use any art you like and we do not have to edit. Great for fundraisers, non-profit organizations and school events.

We also offer decoration on site as well as warehousing, fulfillment, assembly and packaging. RUSH service availble – No minimum order requirements.


“Due to the unusual nature of my request I expected delays and problems and was pleasantly surprised there were none.  Very satisfied. Gary was great.”

“Overall Satisfaction = 5, Product Quality = 5, Communications = 5, Delivery = 5, Imprinting/Personalization = 5 – ASI Submitted Review”

Kelly Connolly,
KC Specialty

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