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Custom Scuba Label – Mesh Drain Label Case Study

The custom mesh drain label called the Fusion was manufactured in our San Diego facility. Our customer, Aqua Lung, manufactures and markets a complete line of diving equipment ranging from some

of the world’s best-performing regulators to a complete line of masks, fins, and snorkels. Aqua Lung also offers a full range of open and closed circuit equipment for Military and Professional diving operations and is the world’s largest supplier of Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) used for helicopter underwater egress.

The design of the part was complicated because it incorporated several different materials that were combined to produce a finished product. Our base material was pvc, in the center was a metal mesh substrate and on the back, we added a heat seal film.

The biocorn pvc material works well for the scuba industry. Our exclusive material is subjected to very low ocean temperatures as well as salt water and sun environments. We have been making parts for

the hockey and snowmobile industries and formulated the material for below zero temperature situations. So working with low-temperature requirements with our material was not new for us. We can blend our material to meet most ASTM standards.

The metal mesh was heat sealed between two pvc parts. The bond was very strong due to the pvc and its ability to actually melt into the metal mesh with the heat seal film.

Once the mesh was adhered to the pvc or sandwiched in between the two parts, we added the film to the bottom of the part. This film would then be heat activated at the Aqualung plant while the parts were being applied to the wetsuits.

The part performed well on the suits-it allowed for stretching and the normal twisting on the neoprene material.

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