Increase Brand Awareness during New Product Launches by Using Wristbands

There are different ways in which you can use wristbands to increase brand awareness during marketing campaigns for new products. You could have custom bands created that feature your brand logo and product name. You may also decide to incorporate using QR codes on the bands. QR codes are able to be read by smart phones and might direct people to your new brand website, used to provide them with a digital coupon or as part of a contest.

Use Wristbands to Promote a Wide Range of Products, Services and Topics

Custom rubber PVC wristbands can be used to promote a variety of products, services and other kinds of information. These rubber bracelets have been used in the past to create and raise awareness about specific types of illnesses, while at the same time raising money to fund research. Schools have also used rubber bracelets for fundraising events like raising money for new sports uniforms, class trips and prom events. There is no limit to how you might use your own custom made bands for specific projects and events.


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