Examples Of Custom Labels And Patches

Fox UFC Pvc patch for rush bag order






Our Fox project was a co-branded  custom label that we produced in San Diego and then sewed the labels for you. In this case, the customer wanted the 3D logos applied to Ogio back packs. We are very familiar with the Ogio line and do quite a bit of decoration on them. Normally Sanmar ships them from their Reno warehouse and we receive them the next day.

left chest shot with pvc labelDa Bulldog

The detailed label for you was a Bulldog design. We made the custom patch and applied it to men’s and women’s light weight shirts. The left chest position is the most popular location to decorate on shirts.






Our Heineken 3D logo was used on a variety of items. The large label works well on bags and jackets. The customer felt that the unique pvc label was able to show off the detail much better than the embroidery that had been using.






Crush Crush has a very detailed  3D logo, one that they are not able to embroider or silkscreen. Flexsystems was able to hit it just right for them. And sew them onto a wide variety of products.