Flexsystems Announces New FLEXBIOtm PVC Medical Grade Material-Exclusive Use

Flexsystems announced that they are using a new phthalate free PVC material that is medical grade and that they also have the exclusive for this material, in their industries, worldwide.

PVC Medical Grade

Giggle Monster Custom USA Made Zipper Pull

The issue that many customers who buy the pvc labels and custom pvc products have is with the phthalate content in the material. The phthalates are the ingredients that make the material soft and flexible, very important features of this particular pvc.

Working with a medical resin compounder, Flexsystems now has a proprietary medical grade pvc that does not contain any phthalates. There is a corn based material that gives the pvc flexible and soft characteristics. The material was first used and tested with human heart catheters and other medical parts. This has been very successful and opened the door to Flexsystems and their search for a more appealing product that did not use the phthalates but still had the important ASTM characterizes that they depended on. “The products are REACH compliant, RoHS compliant and will pass USP Type VI and cytotoxicity testing” said Gracie Rutherford from Flexsystems. “When we tell our customers that this material is medical grade, they are not only happy to learn this but relieved to know that the parts can then pass the CPSIA regulations regarding phthalates in products “.

Gary Smith, the sales manager at Flexsystems remarked that the very first customer to use the new material was Giggle Monster. A new toy company from Chicago. Working with Nicholas Folker, they came up with a very cute 3D pvc zipper pull for their product line and we shipped it to them in 2012. Because the toy company sells to children less than 12 years of age, the CPSIA requirements apply to them. “We just received another reorder from Giggle Monster early this year and we hope to develop more products with them remarked Gary.

“We are winding up our testing this year, said Melissa de la Rosa, the General Manager at Flexsystems. The results have been positive and the material is easy to work with and very similar to what we had been using. Right now, we are working to build up our corn based pigments to go along with the Flex BioCorntm material” said de la Rosa. “And our goal has been that our factory will be 100% converted over to the new resin by early 2014.”

Besides custom pvc labels for sporting good and medical companies, the new FlexBioCornTM has been successfully used to manufacturer custom Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners, Custom labels, Custom Patches, Custom Keychains, Brand Labels, Badge Patches and a variety of custom promotional products. Made in San Diego, California since 1994.

“The fact that Flexsystems has the exclusive for this material in their industries worldwide has really helped business” said Gracie Rutherford. Companies that manufacturer in the USA and like to buy USA component parts appreciate having a novel product that they can tout in their marketing materials. “We belong to most of the Made in USA organizations and we hope to keep working with more companies who are bringing back their production to the USA.”

For more information about Flexsystems, please email them at sales(at)flexsystems(dot)com or call them at 619-401-1858. http://www.flexsystems.com.