Our production team in San Diego have completed many assembly projects since 1994. Many of our distributors send us boxes and parts that need final assembly once we make the parts here in San Diego.

image003HALL_OF_FAME copy

For Axis, we made the WE tv custom zipper pull and then attached it to the cosmetic bag. We also took off the existing metal zip pull. We then put the bags into the small inner box after folding them up and then placed in the master carton and shipped on time for their promotion.

Another project required that we make our custom zipper pulls for USA and then attach them to the Zip Bud Project. We had to take the parts out of the packaging, without damaging it. After cutting off the metal zipper that was on the part, we used tooling to clamp our customPVC Zip Pull Decorates Zip Buds zipper pull to the puller. Once we did that, we carefully placed the sets back in the boxes and packaged them up.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and we don’t say no to many assembly projects, no matter how tough or complicated they are.