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Solidscape 3D Printers and FlexSystems Case Study

The popular 3D printers are becoming a common tool in many offices, factories and now homes. Looking for a unique way to brand the products, the Solidscape design engineers asked FlexSystems to work with them to create product identification for two machines.

Solidscape 3D printers are primarily used to produce “wax-like” patterns for lost-wax casting/investment casting and mold -making applications.

The 3D printers receive digital input from three-dimensional data files (STL, SLC) and create solid, three-dimensional parts through an additive layer-by-layer process with a layer thickness (mm) from .00625 to .0762 and a resolution of (dpi) 5,000 x 8,000 X,Y,Z. The patterns produced are extremely high resolution with vibrant details and outstanding surface finish.

The printer models that we created the parts for were the MAX and the 3Z. 

The design was very simple and bold. Two colors. Our normal etch molds would work quite well. The surface that the 2D pvc FlexSystems parts would be applied to was a smooth plastic surface. Our R & D department worked with 3M to find an adhesive that would work with a low surface energy substrate that the machines were made from as well as our biocorn pvc material. Our 3M rep suggested the 9465 adhesive that we had a long history with. It was compatible with pvc and most other flat surfaces. We made several prototypes and sent them to be tested.

The area where the 2D label was going to be placed was indented. So this would help with adhesion and protect the part from catching edges or being picked off.

The customer applied the parts to the machines at the plant and have been happy with the results. We have had re-orders and have worked on new designs that are in the pipeline.

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