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Many customers use Flexsystems to solve decoration problems, give their product a 3D look, and try a new way to embellish polo shirts and more. Many company logos are difficult to embroider or silkscreen and our custom PVC labels capture the detail.

Our custom labels are easy to sew onto caps, Ogio bags and heat seal onto Cocoon Sleeves and Scuba wetsuits.  The following email blasts are good examples of the many uses for our custom labels, emblems, patches as well as our USA Made custom promotional rubber keychains, custom lapel pins.

Please click the email blasts below to view the recent email blasts!

You can see some of the ways our customers have used our products for additional ideas and examples.

Our Latest Email Blasts

Berry Amendment Parts - Shot Show

Berry Amendment Parts - Shot Show

Ranger/Cat Eyes Made in the USA

Holiday Branding Ideas-RUSH

Fightin' First

in Vegas with Fightin' First

Custom USA Made Parts

Ranger/Cat Eyes Made in the USA

Holiday Branding Ideas-RUSH

Velcro Patches in Vegas with Fightin' First

in Vegas with Fightin' First

Custom USA Made Parts

PVC vs. Embroidery...USA PVC Wins Every Time.

2D labels and Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

USA vs Orient…USA Won !

Glow in the dark Bar Mats -1/2 off

USA made PVC patches are quickly taking over embroidered patches.

Custom 2D labels

An orient PVC story

Glow in the dark bar mat special

USA Made PVC Label - Brand in 2D

Increase Your ROI With USA Keychains & Bag Tags

Decorate with USA Made 2D PVC Zip Pulls!

Rush in 1-5 Days !

Have You Seen a USA Made Morale Badge?

Looking for Good Vibrations? Custom Tennis String Dampeners!

Ready For Sturgis 2014?

Summer Promo Ideas in 3D!

Our Latest Email Blasts

Cover Up Mistakes With PVC Labels

How to Handle Difficult Artwork with PVC 4CP Products - USA Made

How To Decorate $2,000.00 Jackets with USA Made PVC Labels

How To Co-Brand and Use Variable Data With PVC Labels

Kickstand Pads. USA Made - Custom & Stock

Custom Bar Mats-50 MOQ


How To Use 2D Zip Pulls For Jackets And Bags

The Orient Is Closed - But We Are Open For Business

Shot Show Ideas-Custom Rubber Patches, Zipper Pulls, Velcro Badges and more

Holiday Ideas with Corn PVC

Glow in the dark bar mats, bottle openers, four color mats & trays-50 MOQ

Turn Blemishes into CASH

Kickstand Pads and Bar Mats-Fall Specials

Bar Mats - Only 50 MOQ!!

What do Heart Catheters and PVC Keychains Have In Common?

What Do Used Bicycle Tubes and PVC Labels Have In Common?

What do Catheters and PVC Labels Have in Common?

Promotional Ideas for Sturgis 2013 | Harleys and Cuervo

Tennis Dampener Summer Sale

e blast alchemye blast safe

Promotional Ideas for Sturgis 2013 | Harleys and Cuervo Blast

Summer Promo Ideas in 3D

Turn Blemishes into CASH!

Custom Bar Mats and Bar Rail Mats

Flexsystems Can Decorate SanMars Products For You


Velcro Patches and Morale Badges for any Application

Decorate with PVC Labels for Your Business

Patented American Made Motorcycle Kickstand Pads

Tennis Dampener Spring Sale

Now You Can Brand Anything

And the Winner of the Apple iPad is...

Need Product During the Chinese New Year?

Samples, Production and Application - NEXT DAY SERVICE

Turn Blemishes into CASH!

Save Up To $500.00 Off Your Next Barmat Order!

Better Than Embroidery - PVC Labels

How To Enhance Your Customer's Logo - 3D Labels

Sport Themed Promo Items In-Stock and Custom Designs Available

New Creative Products for Fall Promotions

Flexsystems Can Decorate SanMar's Most Challenging Items with Ease

Bag and Clothing Decorating Tips | No Mold Fee for 1000 pcs

NO MINIMUMS on our USA Made Products!

Summer Getaway

Summer Promos


Sturgis Bar Rail & KickPads
Application Fulfillment

Military Law Morale Badges

Custom Barmats

Difficult to Decorate

How to Use QR Codes

Tennis Dampener Spring

Motorcycle Kickstand Pads

And the Winner Is...
Beat the Chinese
New Year Blues

Last Chance to Win iPad
Application Fulfillment

Military Law Morale

Hot Deals for Winter


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