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Rubber Keychains-USA MADE-RUSH

We are a USA manufacturer, a USA custom keychains maker in San Diego. Since 1994, we have been making custom key chains and promotional keychains for our customers. We offer product from the Orient as well but we prefer to sell our USA rubber keychains.

We can make rubber key chains in any shape or color and can do rush jobs if you need them in days!


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  • Budget Silkscreen Custom Keychains

    Silkscreen keychain Western Jet Aviation
    As a USA keychain maker in San Diego, we try to offer as many kinds of custom keychains in the plastic family that we can. The budget silkscreen keychains, either one- or two-sided fill a much-needed niche.
  • Custom Domed Cell Phone Charms

    Cell Phone Charms
    How about a promotional FLEXdome keychain? Pick out your attachment and customize it so that it is unique. You can also do a two-sided keychain. Use the same image on both sides or use two different designs!
  • Custom Indian Motorcycle Kickstand Pad

    Motopad USA Made INDIAN
    Our USA-made kickstand pad hot off the keychain maker! The distributor’s customer, Indian Motorcycle, wanted a unique product to give to their customers…they came up with a debossed step and repeat pattern that they really liked. We were able to mold the product to their specifications.
  • Custom Key chains-Four Color Process

    If you have difficult artwork and do not want to simplify, we suggest you try our 4CP or four-color process custom key chain. We take your detailed artwork and print it out and then we encapsulate it into our FlexBioCorn material. We can match any pantone color and we can create any shape you like. Or we can offer you our in-house stock sizes so that you do not have…
  • Custom Key Covers

    Keychain Silicone
    Flexsystems® promotional soft silicone and pvc key covers or key caps are a unique and uncommon sort of item to show to your customer in almost any industry. Perfect for realtors, auto dealers and other customers who sell items with keys. Imagine the dealer hands the customer.
  • Custom Keychains

    Soft, flexible 3D PVC keychains are a fun and often-used item for promotions. Made in the USA and in the Orient, the promotional custom keychain shows off your customer’s logo. The custom keychains or key fobs can be made in days in the USA if you have a rush. We have no minimum order quantity requirements
  • Custom Keychains for Dog Rescue Groups

    Dog Rescue custom keychain
    Many dog rescue organizations are on tight budgets…their number one focus is to protect and find homes for lost and abandoned dogs. We offer a nice two color custom keychain that is not only reasonable in price, it allows the various organizations to give a little something to those who do adopt. We can even take a photo and replicate the detail in our pvc process. Our material that we ...
  • Custom USA Made Football Keychain

    Football Key Chain
    Our customer really wanted to see the dimple pattern on the rubber keychain as well as the laces. We were able to replicate the texture that footballs have on their skin. We designed the pattern and the keychain maker mold matched it perfectly.
  • Domed Key Chains

    How about a promotional FLEXdome keychain? Pick out your attachment and customize it so that it is unique. You can also do a two-sided keychain. Use the same image on both sides or use two different designs!
  • East Carolina University Student Government Promotional Key Chains

    East Carolina University ECU Student Government Keychains
    Use Key Chains as Promotional Products for Your Business, Organization, or Student Organization Key chains are great for use as a promotional product, especially for students as you can see for East Carolina University. If you are looking for a way to promote your club or student government association, a Keychain can be a great product to distribute in order for students to get awareness of your organization. ECU, the third largest ...


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