Flexsystems Made in the USA

We are proud of the fact that we have been making our custom plastic products in the United States of America since 1994 and we plan to keep doing so! A few years ago we began to import some Orient items, but only those items we could not make here. It is a small percentage of what we sell each year and will remain small. Our USA made products have been lab tested for a variety of specifications. Click here for the study. They are safe and non-toxic and will last a long time. Our production team takes great pride in what they do and every job we create is custom.  Our material is medical grade PVC.  We can also state that the emblems and promotional and custom pet products we make are Prop 65 compliant. There have been many health scares from the imported Chinese product. From lead levels, to ingredients that were not supposed to be there, like melamine and cadmium. Buying from a reputable USA manufacturer will ensure you do not encounter these issues. We recycle our product material on site. Unlike buying green material from abroad, you are using local material and it is therefore not transported across the ocean or by air, thus defeating the entire purpose of buying a “green” or eco-friendly product by increasing the materials carbon footprint. From organic corn plastic promotional products to eco friendly recycled sewing labels and 3D PVC zipper pulls to custom pet products and unique R & D products, we are here to help you with your custom plastic project. We also offer warehousing in San Diego, California and fulfillment and assembly work. Ship your goods from China to our warehouse and we can repackage, re-label, drop ship and handle the entire process.   See Recent USA Products below, and see even more Flexsystems USA Made Products [catlist thumbnail=yes thumbnail_size=70,70 catlist id=19 excerpt=yes title_tag=h2 orderby=title order=asc excerpt=yes ]