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Hintze Tool Belt Custom PVC USA Made Labels

USA made label

Hintze Tool Belt Custom PVC USA Made Labels   Custom PVC USA made labels are popular items we make here at Flexsystems.  We have been in business for over 20 years.  With this experience in the industry we have worked to innovate and change with our customer […]

Switchfly Heat-Sealed Custom PVC Logos

heat-sealed custom PVC logos

Switchfly Heat-Sealed Custom PVC Logos PVC Heat-sealed custom logos are a frequent item we see here at Flexsystems.  We often make custom PVC labels for our customers and adhere the labels to accessories and apparel as needed.  Our dedicated sewing team has been with us over 15 […]

USA Made Custom PVC Labels For New Clothing Line

USA Made Custom PVC Labels

USA Made Custom PVC Labels For New Clothing Line     USA made custom PVC labels have been our specialty for over 20 years.  Flexsystems is the first company to bring the PVC label to the USA on a mass-marketing level.  Based in San Diego, your product […]

Variable Data PVC Labels For Clothing, Machines and Parts

variable data pvc labels

Variable Data PVC Labels For Clothing, Machines and Parts-USA Made   Our custom variable data PVC labels have become very popular.  Difficult to find vendors who can make the labels that are sewable or able to be heat sealed is not easy.  There are sticker companies, but […]

NYPD Counterterrorism Custom PVC label

custom PVC labels

NYPD Counterterrorism Custom PVC Label Our custom PVC label is a frequent popular item we manufacture here at Flexsystems.  We do many custom PVC labels for police forces, military, schools, sports teams, groups and clubs, to name a few.  We recently manufactured these labels for the NYPD counterterrorism […]

USA Made Custom PVC Labels Sewn onto Dickies shirts

holiday PVC

USA Made Custom PVC Labels Sewn onto Dickies shirts Some people are surprised to find out that our USA made custom PVC labels are sewn onto garments. And even more surprised when they find out that we do the decoration as well as manufacture the custom patches and labels. […]

Decorate with PVC Labels – Tips For PrintWear Magazine

Decorate with PVC Labels

Decorate With PVC Labels PVC labels are an easy way to decorate pet items such as collars, leads, beds and pet accessory items. The material is long-lasting, and does not fade, crack, unravel or tear. The easiest way to apply the labels is to sew them on, […]

Custom PVC Luggage Bag Tags


We can create luggage tags in any shape and customization you’d like.  You see from this image that we did they Mickey Ears for a distributer whose customer is the Disney Vacation Club. We Manufacture here in USA at our San Diego facility.  We offer decoration on […]

Custom PVC Labels

Gravity Rush in one day

The demand for customer labels is never ending….once you have a brand name for your company or event or promotion, you want to put it on every product you have to get your name out there. To enhance your visibility. Our 3D pvc labels help create your brand image. Instead of a flat and common logo, we can ensure that your brand label stands out with our process.

PVC Labels


Our PVC custom labels show a degree of detail and crispness to enhance your logo. From custom sew-on labels, to patches for hats, caps, bags and fleece jackets, the labels sew on beautifully…and in some cases, we can heat seal the custom label to materials that bond well. Our


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