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Puppy Project Custom Made PVC Label

custom made PVC label

Puppy Project Custom Made PVC Label   The custom made PVC label is widely used.  Anything that is branded has a label such as clothing, shoes, bags, hats, equipment, uniforms and pet accessories.  Flexsystems has been making custom PVC labels in California for over 20 years. We

PVC Label Glove Decoration -American Made

PVC label glove decoration

PVC Label Glove Decoration -American Made   PVC label glove decoration is popular among our customers when branding their logo.  We create labels for our customers’ brand and decorate apparel and accessories onsite.  We did the glove decoration for Parents magazine touchscreen acrylic gloves seen to the right.  These touchscreen

Custom Patch for ASK Promotional Bags

The ASK logo works great in our process. The pvc label pops out with the white background and raised red area. Our custom patches are made in the USA and we are able to turn the product around quickly. Our distributor has asked us to make the

5 Hour Energy PVC Label for Sweatbands and Athletic Items

Our distributor’s customer 5 Hour Energy had a rush job for us….could we make 500 custom pvc labels and then sew them onto sweatbands in a few days? Sure ! Since we are the only company in the USA to make the pvc labels, we can turn

USA Made Custom PVC Label

USA Manufacturer

Polyvinyl chloride is the plastic known at the hardware store as PVC. This is the PVC from which pipes are made, and PVC pipe is everywhere. The plumbing in your house is probably PVC pipe, unless it’s an older house. PVC pipe is what rural high schools with small budgets use to make goal posts for their football fields. But there’s more to PVC than just pipe.


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