USA Company Manufactures VELCRO® Patches in San Diego, not China!!



Imagine the USA Military being able to buy their morale badges from the USA and not China? Well that day has come thanks to Flexsystems in San Diego, California.

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb. 26, 2013 – Flexsystems, a USA Manufacturer of pvc labels, custom emblems and VELCRO® patches has announced that it is manufacturing morale badges due to popular demand.

“We always had the ability to make these custom VELCRO® patches in our factory” said Melissa De LaRosa, the General Manager for Flexsystems. “The phone calls and suggestions from our sales department indicated that this was something that our customers would like to see us make.”

Currently the only pvc morale badges are made offshore. Flexsystems was already manufacturing custom VELCRO® tabs for jackets and medical braces, so this was a logical and easy step to make in the companies product portfolio. “We had a lot of customers calling up and telling us that the current
embroidered patches were not working well,” said Gary Smith, a senior sales associate at Flexsystems. “The embroidered patches cannot withstand harsh environments and are prone to unraveling, fading, and getting very dirty. The pvc labels with the hook material however are made for the outdoors. Think
pvc piping.” said Smith. “And the other great feature of the USA MADE VELCRO® patches-Morale Badges is that the detail is so crisp and clean and easy to read. Many of the troops have these complex warrior style logos and our process can hit the detail. And if it cannot, we can use our four color process technique. We used this for the Norweigian Air Force and their members, their logo with the detail meant we had to use the four color process custom emblem as you cannot edit the logo at all.”

FlexSystems USA, Inc. is a premier importer and USA manufacturer of custom plastic and rubber products. They use flexible 2D and 3D custom process-sew to manufacture tailor-made emblems for bags, key chains, polo shirts, and other promotional items. They are located at 727 West Main Street, El Cajon, California. Contact them at or call 619-401-1858 today.


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