2-D Engage Armament Custom VELCRO® brand fasteners PVC Patch

2-D Engage Armament Custom VELCRO® brand fasteners PVC Patch

2-D labelsThe custom VELCRO® brand fasteners® PVC patch is a common promotional item we have manufactured for over 21 years.  The patches can be used for events, organizations, groups, teams, military, law enforcement and tactical industries.  Using innovation and the latest technology we have developed various features and PVC material options for our customers and distributors.

We manufactured the custom VELCRO® brand fasteners® PVC patch for Engage Armament, a class II manufacturer and class III dealer in Maryland.  A gun manufacturer and dealer for over 30 years, they recognize the importance of quality products you just can’t get anywhere else!  They manufacture high quality firearms, accessories and other specialty services in Rockville and surrounding areas.  Their high quality products paired with exceptional knowledge and customer service make your experience hassle free.  If you are in need of a arms manufacturer, a transfer or in need of accessories Engage Armament is the place to go to for outstanding products and customer service.

Engage Armament needed 2-D custom Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners and they came to the right place!  Our custom Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners can be designed to your exact specifications.  Difficult to decorate artwork is not a problem with our innovative technology, Flex4CP.  Our new process allows us to maintain the integrity of your artwork with out having to simplify your design.  We match patterns and designs perfectly!  Choose from numerous features for your custom Patch with VELCRO® brand fasteners.  Add a textured look, glow-in-the-dark effect, scent, glitter and 2-D features.  Design your PVC Patch with VELCRO® brand fasteners to any shape and size.  We know we have something for everyone here!

With over 21 years of manufacturing experience, we have earned repeat business and many happy customers.  When you need custom VELCRO® brand fasteners® PVC patches for an upcoming show or event or you need them for team or work uniforms, Flexsystems is here for you.  We understand last minute projects come up and to accommodate this we offer rush service.  You can have your order within days!  We are a US manufacturer located in San Diego, CA.  This allows us to provide faster shipping compared to overseas orders.  Get your custom VELCRO® brand fasteners® PVC patch how you want it to look and on time!

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