FlexSystems is a USA Manufacturer

Flexsystems® USA Inc or Flexsystems®, is a USA manufacturer and importer of custom 3D flexible PVC labels and molded plastic products.

PVC Manufacturer based in San DiegoWe are currently located in San Diego, California but began in a garage in Oakland, California in 1994. We were the first company to bring the plastic 3D products to the United States on a mass-market level. We are also the first company to offer a recycled 3D rubber patch or rubber emblem, made in the USA only.

We can custom design almost any item you like with our flexible 2D and 3D custom process including: sew-on custom emblems for hats, bags, polo shirts, labels for cover ups, key chains, magnets, coasters, dog tags, dog collars, pet products, cell phone charms, tennis string dampeners and custom requests. We decorate on site and have a reputation for being able to decorate difficult items and fast.

And our genuine sense of urgency to get your job done FAST has earned us raving fans and repeat business for almost 20 years.

More Durable Than Silkscreening and Embroidery

We are a unique alternative to silkscreen and embroidery, with detailed and computer generated logos, your customer cannot depend on embroider or silkscreen to create your custom logo. Plus, our exclusive “Flex 4CP” process is perfect if you have difficult to decorate artwork and do not want to edit. And when it’s ready we can demo your logo in a 3D method (instead of just a computer graphic like most companies).

USA Manufacturer of PVC Labels FlexSystems ImageEnvironmentally Responsible

We offer phthalate free PVC and flexible PVC, recycled PVC to silicone labels, rubber patches and rubber emblems, sewing labels, four color process labels, garment labels, waterproof garment labels, injection molded parts, custom TPU and EVA plastic promotional products.

We use our material that has gone through one cycle in production and save it for your recycled green and eco friendly custom labels and custom emblems. Prior to using the material ourselves, we would send it to garden hose manufactures to recycle or back to our manufacturer to reuse. Our recycled emblems and eco-friendly emblems are easy to sew on or heat seal.

Our commitment to the USA, to our employees and to YOU

Our products made in the USA are using a material that has been lab tested. There have been many issues with the safety of Orient products. You do not have to worry about our materials. We offer non-toxic PVC. We believe in the manufacture of USA products. And we never stopped manufacturing when all the other factories closed up and moved offshore.

We are proud to be called a USA Manufacturer
of quality PVC and rubber products.