Does Greenpeace care about the wellbeing of humans?

Whose Supported Policies Kill More People: ISIS…or Greenpeace? Written By Dr. Roy Spencer Shared from Cornwall Alliance Approximately 200,000 people have died due to global terrorism in the last 10 years. During the same time, many millions of people (mostly women and children) have died due to

Unique 2D Logo for Core Power Promo Hat

Our distributor said his customer, Core Power, wanted a very unique hat decoration. Different from the typical embroidered style. Not only did we create a distinct 2D logo for them, we used an unusual shape.  From a distance, the logo popped out and really stood out from

Waterproof PVC Label Camera Chest Harness

GoPro makes the worlds most versatile cameras. So when we got the opportunity to create their new GoPro Wellness pvc labels for their camera chesty (chest harness) we were really up for the challenge, as we are with many difficult to decorate items. We are not just

USA PVC Label Maker on High End Furniture

Flexsystems, a USA manufacturer of custom pvc labels, was chosen to make a large pvc label for a high end furniture piece. We are located in San Diego, California and all of our parts are made in our manufacturing facility on site. This high-end chair has a

Custom Zipper Pulls for Patagonia Jackets

Custom Zip Pulls for Patagonia Jackets Many jackets are too difficult to decorate, as there are not places where we can sew without sewing down a pocket or lining on the inside. So, our promotional product distributors come to us for our unique PVC 2D zip pulls.

Custom Labels for Gun Rail Parts Difficult to Decorate

Custom Gun Rails

Custom Gun Rails Personalized Designs Here at Flexsystems USA we cater to a variety of different clients and customers. From small businesses to large military operations, we have worked on many types of creative products. Some take longer than others, but we really love a challenge and

Difficult to Decorate Christmas Promo Item

Difficult to Decorate Christmas Promo Item

Flexsystems USA Difficult to Decorate Christmas Promotional Item Christmas is coming up and that means fun for us at Flexsystems USA. We don’t get any snow in San Diego, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and live vicariously through other places where our customers do