Co Branded Labels

Co-Branded Labels Often distributors have an event or a product launch or a sports activity where there are multiple sponsors. It is very difficult to embroider or silkscreen several company logos on one area. And if you want to keep the patch or clothing sew on label

Braille Labels

“Braille Labels and Stickers Our braille labels are imported from China, we do not make them here. The material is polycarbonate and we use a compatible 3M adhesive for the back of the parts. The labels have been used for ATM machines and other types of products

BioCorn PVC Labels

“FLEX BIO CORN tm Eco-Friendly/Green PVC Labels, Patches and Emblems Our pvc labels are made in the USA…..and our new material is ecofriendly…. We are the only company in the world to have this material in our industries. Currently the material is used to make human heart

Berry Amendment Labels

Compliant Berry Amendment Labels, Badges, Patches and Emblems Many military contractors come to us for the custom zipper pulls and patches. Our new FlexBioCorn material is a medical grade material that is very sturdy and will last in harsh environments unlike embroidery and silkscreen labels. Not only


Badges, Patches and Emblems Our USA made badges are manufactured in our San Diego factory. We can offer our 3D pvc badges or custom rubber badges in any size, shape and color you wish. We also can offer rush services if you need them in days…. Motorcycle

3D PVC Custom Rubber Magnets

Flexsystems® promotional PVC rubber magnets are a universal advertising specialty incentive gift that anyone will appreciate. We can make them here in the USA for a made in the USA 3D magnet or import them from the Orient.

4CP Four-Color Process PVC Labels

FLEX4CP  —Patent Pending Four-Color Process PVC Labels Our four color process with plastic/PVC. Many customers had difficult art and did not want to simplify or give up the detail. We invented a new four color process that allows us to maintain the integrity of the art on

4CP Hybrid

The brand new Flexsystems® four-color process custom labels make use of our patent pending “4CP Hybrid” technology that combines the fresh look of our molded PVC plastic products with the amazing detail-matching process used in four-color printing.

3D logo

This USA Made custom 3D logo was difficult. The customer wanted the detail as well as the 3D relief. We decided to use our Hybrid 4CP/3D labels. The colorful label was made in our four color process format and the wording on the label was embossed. The

Bag Labels

Flexsystems Bag Labels Our 3D rubber flexi custom patches for bags and soft flexible PVC labels are great for bags, backpacks and Cocoon laptop cases because they last longer than silkscreen and embroidery. We can also sew or heat-seal them on-site for you. We are experts