Stock Labels

There are many pvc labels and rubber patches that are common to many companies and industries. We are going to build this section, so please check back from time to time. There is no mold or die cost.  

Rubber Patches

Custom Rubber Patches Made in the USA Many customers call our PVC labels rubber patches. While we can import pure rubber, most customers really are referring to our PVC labels. Our material, FlexBioCorn tm, is new and is biodegradable and medical grade. In the case of the

Recycled PVC Labels

Our recycled custom labels and patches are made at our factory in San Diego, Ca. Using the material from our past jobs, we combine the material and use it for this it for most of the custom products we make here. The color choices are limited and

Reflective Labels

Our reflective material is Reflexite. The same material that is used on Cal Trans signs and industrial situations. The material is sturdy and we embed it into our 3D patches for a long life.        

PVC Labels

Our PVC custom labels show a degree of detail and crispness to enhance your logo. From custom sew-on labels, to patches for hats, caps, bags and fleece jackets, the labels sew on beautifully…and in some cases, we can heat seal the custom label to materials that bond well. Our

Print Labels

Not only are print labels less expensive that the woven labels, they hold quite a bit of detail and can also be sewn easily onto your garments.    Here is a common print label to show content and how to handle and wash. These are used on

Morale Badges, Patches, Emblems

Morale Badges, Patches and Emblems – VELCRO® brand fasteners® Backed Patches Our 3D pvc emblems and patches have hook or loop that is either sewn or heat sealed to the back of the part. Many military and law enforcement offices are using the pvc labels instead of

Medical Labels

It is hard to translate a DNA strand or similar detail onto embroidery or silkscreen or most types of custom labels. But the USA made pvc labels and rubber patches that we make in San Diego work well for this sort of thing…..and we are able to

Large Labels

Often, our customers would like large labels for jackets and bags. Various larger labels that are common for bags…custom and colorful 3D pvc labels.     UBC boxing used both the large custom labels for their boxing jackets and the matching smaller labels for caps and shirts.

Infrared IR Labels