Custom Made Labels And 3D Labels Made In The USA

Custom Brand LabelsBlackberry custom brand labels






The BlackBerry custom brand labels were a bit of a challenge…not only were they small and had quite a bit of detail in a small space…they were also going onto lightweight polo shirts. So the custom brand label needed to be lightweight and hold the logos nicely.

Our 3D pvc labels were perfect for this. Easy to sew on to the fabric and our molded labels can hold difficult logos and their detail in a small area.  The customer was very happy with the result. We also hold onto the molds for 2 years after the last order which makes reordering easy.


Blue Crew Shirt custom brand label






The Budweiser Blue Crew had a great looking logo…..but they had a hard time decorating the light weight women’s shirts with embroidery and silk-screening. They just could not create the logo that the customer wanted.

Our pvc custom brand labels working nicely and we were able to make thousands of the labels and sew them onto the shirts in time for our distributors deadline.


Cartoon PVC Labels






We are able to do complex contour custom brand labels with our dies and pvc labels. The Scooby Doo custom patch had to be exactly the way the customer wanted it. We were not able to put this into a rectangle. It made the sewing a bit more difficult, but not impossible.


Debossed Wine Stamp PVC label





Another custom emblem was a wax seal inspired brand label. The Hall Wines logo looks like a wax stamp. We used a contour cutting die for the label and we also created a wet look to give it that stamp look. Once complete, we sewed the parts onto Nike Golf Vests.


Adobe pvc labels for sewing onto bagsAdobe label on bags

Our distributor do a lot of work with Adobe…..the custom brand label is crisp and clean and you can recognize it from a distance. The 3D pvc labels are famous for that feature. As well as being easy to sew onto bags, hats, shirts, jackets and a wide variety of blank items.

Whether it’s custom brand labels, 3D PVC  labels, badge patches, rubber labels, or any other promo product, you’ll receive exceptional products and a level of customer service that most companies have long forgotten about. If you would like to know more about how Flexsystems can help you, contact us today.