Custom Manufacturing General Information

Custom Plastic PartsSince 1994, Flexsystems had custom manufactured plastic products for a variety of manufacturers and an array of industries.

As the only USA manufacturer of PVC labels in the USA, that we know of, we make hundreds of thousands of parts for the shoe industry.

Flexsystems has worked with the hockey industry as well as the medical, scuba, surf, skate, clothing, sporting good and other various manufacturers throughout the years.

Companies like Wolfman in Colorado have been working with us for over 12 years and we continue to custom manufacture the labels that go onto their high end motorcycle luggage.

Dorma is a worldwide manufacturer in the building trade and we have been custom manufacturing their signature custom label for their products for over 8 years now. We use one of our stronger 3M adhesives to create a good bond for their doors.

We can blend our resin to suit your ASTM standards, create a new texture and durometer for you, mold great detail in into the tooling, add heat seal or adhesives and match any pantone color.

Our material is called FlexBioCorn tm. We are the only company in our industries world wide to have this medical grade PVC. Instead of phthalates, we use a corn ingredient. The pvc resin is eco friendly and we also reuse and recycle the post production resin.

Halliburton Products

JJ Harper from Halliburton needed our custom manufacturing help. His lube units for refining petroleum products needed to be identified easily and quickly for his production crew.

We came up with a two sided part that was colorful and easy to read for the
machine operators. We supplied wire with the parts so that the custom label
could be attached to the machine easily.

The parts were custom vinyl pvc labels. Instead of our 2D raised custom pvc labels, we used our flat four color process labels. JJ preferred this look and really liked the flat surface and vibrant colors that enabled his team to quickly differentiate the machines.

Patine Wine Cellars

Our distributor came to us with an interesting project. His customer, Patine Wine Cellars, wanted a unique branding method for their signature line of wine that they were going to sell. Instead of the common print labels, the company wanted a custom pvc or rubber label that fit around the bottle. With 2 D and flat surfaces which contained the brand name as well as the copy about the wine.

The part set off the bottles and ensured that the wine stood out at the retail level. Going forward, the company would like to use this unique branding method for other wines they will be marketing in the future.

Patine Wine LAbe-1

Custom Manufacturing Image