Government Capability Flyer (Berry Amendment Compliant)

Government Capability Flyer

Flexsystems Military Products And Services

Morale Badges, Patches, Zipper Pulls And More. All Made In The USA

Flexsystems is a USA manufacturer of PVC labels, emblems, morale badges, patches and custom zipper pulls. As well as custom parts for products and custom labels for branding. Often there is a requirement via the Berry Amendment where the military or their contractors must use USA products.


Our ability to also offer sewing, heat seal and assembly and fulfillment services, make our company a turn key solution for many projects.

And we also offer RUSH services…in days, not weeks…
Rush Morale Badge for US Military
Custom Canadian
Military Patches
Coast Guard
Berry Amendment
Custom Patches

Glow in the dark Morale Badges with hook backing for the US Army

Glove Tabs with VELCRO® brand fasteners and labels are made here in San Diego and we then sew them on as well. Sewing custom labels onto bags and packs for the military.

Hi Diane,

Funny you emailed me because you were on my list to follow up with today. They were really impressed with them and we got it sold in, so YAY! I think it really helped to have actual samples for them to look at and get excited about. We are in the process of determining quantity – trying to up the quantity so all of our sales reps can have a stash. They want us to make a couple minor tweaks to the design, but I should have all that wrapped up by end of the week to put in an order.

Thank you again so much for helping us out with the samples and doing such a great job on short notice!