How to Choose – An Embroidered Patch vs. a Custom PVC Patch or a Woven Patch?

All products have a brand name on them. In some fashion, either subtle or loud, a company that makes a product wants their name on it. Brand Recognition. There is a multitude of ways to add your logo to a product. Much depends on what kind of product you will be branding. The logo for a Caterpillar tractor will be different than a logo for a hat or a jacket.

Which brings us to the question-if I am decorating soft goods for instance, which method do I use?

Embroidered PatchOne of the oldest methods for decorating clothing is embroidery. Either directly onto the garments or via an embroidered patch. The threads match the color of your logo and there is variety of heights within the patch. Depending on how condensed the design is. You will find embroidery on school uniforms, service uniforms, sports teams and clubs. The sizes can range from 1 x1 inch to large jacket embroidered patches that are 12 x 15 inches.

Are there drawbacks to embroidery and embroidered patches?

One of the big drawbacks is detail. If you have a lot of detail in your design, the direct embroidery or embroidered patch must go very large in order to replicate it. A good solution would be to use the new 2D pvc patches. This method allows for finite detail without enlarging your logo would have to do with embroidery patches.

Another problem with embroidery and embroidered patches is their long term use. As a cloth item, they get dirty and tend to unravel and the edges become xxxxxx. They do not handle abrasion or rubbing against other items. The custom PVC patches however, are meant to last. The material is PVC and it will last longer that the parts it is sewn or heat sealed onto. The 2d PVC patch can be cleaned off and will not unravel or chip and there are no threads that are broken off to worry about. This is nice because your brand will look for years, not months.

What about Woven labels?

Woven labels are used primarily for inside the garment or bag or Woven Label Examplemost soft goods. The woven tag on the inside of your t-shirt for instance. Or the care label on your towels at home. There are some garments that use woven labels on the outside. But these labels are not meant to withstand harsh environments or withstand wear and tear.

What are 2D PVC patches and how do I use them?

Many companies are opting to us a newer form of branding-a custom 2D PVC label or patch. These flexible 2D labels are now used on bicycles, clothing, backpacks, hats, swimwear, uniforms, shoes, machines, hockey skates, motocross pants, gloves, scuba suits and many other products.

Another version of the pvc patch is the VELCRO® brand fasteners patch. Instead of using an embroidered patch, customers are opting for the 2d pvcPatch with VELCRO® brand fasteners. For the same reason that they chose the 2D pvc patch. The 2D relief in their logo as well as a new retail look. The customPatch with VELCRO® brand fastenerses last a lot longer that the cloth embroideredPatch with VELCRO® brand fasteners

PVC Label PatchThe pvc patch  and the pvcPatch with VELCRO® brand fasteners is made from vinyl. Derivatives from oil, these patches are sewn or heat sealed onto products. They last long and do not chip or fade or peel off. The detail in the design is very tiny and the 2D relief gives the logo a more retail look.