Flexsystems Announces a New Method to Brand Golf Shirts

Custom Emblems Made from FlexBioCorn ™ are the newest addition to the FlexSystems line and they have been found to be a perfect way to brand Golf shirts.

Flexsystems, a USA Manufacturer of Custom Emblems in San Diego, has announced a unique way to decorate golf shirts for promotions and events. The new custom emblems are made from a corn based material and are molded to show great detail.

“Most of our customers had been using embroidery but when they saw the level of detail in our brand labels, wow, the response was unanimous. No more embroidery, it will be FlexBioCorn all the way.  ” said Gary Smith, the senior salesperson at Flexsystems. “Normally, with a lot of detail in a customer’s logo, you would have to go bigger that you wanted to fit the detail in. Now, we can go very small and hold so much detail. This is allowing our customers to add more copy to the logo or tag line!”

For the promotional industry, golf shirts are one of the most popular blank items to decorate.  Oftentimes the event or tournament involves many companies each with  their own logos that need to be on the garment. Flexsystems custom emblems can hold numerous corporate logos that normally would have to have been simplified or not used at all.

“The new material is an exclusive for Flexsystems”, said Melissa de la Rosa, the Flexsystems General Manager. “We have been testing the resin for about a year now and feel very comfortable working with it. The pigment matches are a bit more complicated but other than that, our operators feel confident and are making parts with the FlexBioCorn ™.  We hope to be 100% BioCorn by the end of 2013. We have not had a major announcement yet, we are still hammering out some of the issues with a new material, but all the orders that we have made thus far have turned out great.”

About FlexSystems USA, Inc.

FlexSystems USA, Inc. is a premier importer and manufacturer of custom plastic and rubber products. They use flexible 2D and 3D custom process-sewn to manufacture tailor-made emblems for bags, key chains, polo shirts, and other promotional items. They are located at 727 West Main Street, El Cajon, California. Contact them at sales@flexsystems.com or call 619-401-1858 today.