You guys are seriously the best!! Thank you 😊

Ivonne Corporan

Client Engagement Manager

Hi Flexers,

I know this order is not yet complete, but I wanted to tell you how professional and attentive your company has been to our orders.

The quality is excellent, and your attention to detail is impressive.  You guys might be my new favorite supplier.

I just wanted you to know how grateful we are!!

So a big thank you to everyone!!




Yes they LOVED them, as did we. They looked amazing and were exactly what they were looking for!

Thank you and your team for all the hard work!! 




My client (Dillanos) just emailed me about the hats and fanny packs.

“We just got the hats and fanny packs and they’re AMAZING!

Like when I opened the hats the first thing I thought to myself was “these are SICK!” and I’m WAY too old to be using that word! 😉”

Just thought I would pass this along because all too often in our industry we just get hit with complaints and problems, never compliments!

W I L L  P A R K E R | Director – Business Development | Rain City Promotions


Hi Melissa,


Wanted to thank you on getting this done a bit early for us 😊 Just received confirmation that they’re ready to ship!

I appreciate your work, and your putting up with my persistent check-ins!




Yes, approved. The finished product looked amazing!


Amanda Ricenbaw l Director of Sales

Hi Gary,

I actually received an order from you last week.  Loved the final product.  



Labels are fantastic! 

I will be returning as a customer for other projects.   Thank you for the follow up! 

Corey Emond

Superior Defense 

PO BOX 13559

Las Vegas NV 89121

Hi Diane,

Your team has outdone themselves! We absolutely LOVE the gear and the decoration is incredible.

We will be giving your team shout-outs on social media. Thank you so much for making this happen so quickly. We will be the best looking team in Vegas!

Brian Gill | Chief Experience Officer

Hi guys!

Just wanted to give you a big shout out and huge thank you for your help with these patches.
We are thrilled with how they turned out and we appreciate you working with us on everything.

Thank you thank you

Stefan Leal

Thanks everyone!

Jackets have been received and they look great!

Nice Work!


Zippy Neil
Dir. of Administration

I want to thank you all for your great service and helping me with my client. The client loves the hats and they are getting a lot of compliments from employees and competitors. I also want to thank you for the nice card gift you sent. We look forward to doing much more business with you. May You all have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.


Rod Buck and crew.


Thank you for reaching out to me.

I will have a patch project the first part of next year, so please keep me in mind…and I will reach out to you when I’m more ready to do it.

When I first looking around to have my first patches done…I contacted three very well known patch companies, yet your company was the only one that responded, and kept in close contact all the way through the process…you’ve earned my continued business.



Hi Flex,

You Rock !

I am so sorry for the delay as last week was nuts. But….I have to tell you…THE APPAREL LOOKED AMAZING!

I have more projects to work on now. Let me know when we can connect on Monday. Thank you SO much for your help. Really appreciate the amazing service and product. 🙂

thumbs up,

Brian Gill
VP of Sales


You all are absolutely the best.

Thank you to the entire team for helping get this done!


The Ink Barn

We have received, and they look AMAZING!!!  Thank you all so very much for making this happen so fast with such great service and high quality.  I’ll be looking to order additional for other teams with which I work and recommend your company to others who need the same type of items.



RE: National Geographic

Thank YOU Gary! I hate having to scramble! Unfortunately, the client left us no choice which in turn has sent you scrambling. Again, my apologies for this. We greatly appreciate your efforts. Even though your pricing may be higher on other projects, given your efforts today, I promise you’ll see more business coming regardless.


Rob Siegel
Custom Sales Director
Ecologic Designs

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the gift! I can confirm this has been received and is greatly appreciated on top of the work you’ve done for us recently.

I’ll definitely be keeping Flexsystems in mind as we continue to work with new projects/clients!

Thank you so much!



We had a line wrapped around our booth both days and we ran out of the patches by 12:30 both days! We got a lot of positive feedback on them. I will let you know when we can get another project going, thanks for all the help in getting these done for us!

Dina Sanders



The show was great! We gave out 900 within the first two days. The grip in the pistol was exactly what I wanted, and the depth of the skull was on point. Like I said before, this was our best one yet and Flex made it happen!


I will check on the sticker and other promo inventories to see where we are at.


Ryan Cross

Flexsystems provides superior customer service, delivers as promised, is very prompt
In replying to any questions or concerns.. MANY THANKS to Flexsystems for being
Such an awesome company in both service and products…

Thank you.
Lydia G. Nuncio
Purchasing Department
1826 Centennial San Antonio, TX 78211




The overall design, finish and quality exceeded our expectations. The final patches exceeded our expectations! The soft contour looks great in person.


Thank you for your help.


Best Regards,


Vice President

Super Seer Corporation



Gary, I just got word from my client and their employees that they love the bags.  Well done.  Thank you for making me look good.


Desiree Pfister, BASI  191024





Thank you so much for your continued exceptional customer service!


The whole Flex Systems team really is amazing and we appreciate it so much.


Thank you!




Boise, Idaho


“Just got our order!!!! I know its just a simple order for you guys, but we LOVE them!!!!! Thanks so much for the great process, clear communication and quick turnaround!”

Kind regards,
Tom and Debbie Reay

They look AWESOME!!!! Thanks for all your hard work to get these done for us!!!

Janet Uradomo | C&S SALES

It looks like they are a HIT already😊 Thank you for being so easy to work with, moreover; extremely prompt and willing to help any way you guys can. It was a pleasure to work with you, looking forward to future orders.
Club Colors

TP9SFT patches

Love them! My fav so far!

Please let the team know 😎

Hi Diane,
We received the TP9SFx patches and stickers and the wet look Canik patches.
Looks great! Thank you for all your help J
Dina Sanders

Hi Diane,
I can’t remember if I ever let you know that the embroidered USMC patches had arrived.  They did, and they look fantastic!  J
Thank you again – so much.
Best regards,


Our zip pulls arrived and we LOVE them!
Thank you so much!
Best regards,
Midcoast Studio


LOVE the patches!!!! Oh, my goodness! They’re awesome! As soon as I get some time, I’m working on the next design! Thanks for your patience!


We received our sample overruns and they are SO CUTE!  You and your team did a fabulous job.  I am SURE these will be the hit of VidCon!

Thank you again!

Amy Noel

Hey Gary,
Just wanted to shoot you a huge thanks, we recieved our patches last week and are super stoked! They look great! Super thanks for busting ass and chasing us down to get this project rolling.

In other news I just received a promotional email from you guys and I just love the header “China is Closed for their New Year but… Our Factory is OPEN”

Brilliant! That is exactly why I switched to you guys! You’ll have to give a big high five to whoever came up with that head line for me.

Keep up the good work and please wish everyone at FlexSystems a merry Christmas from everyone here at CRK.

-Tim Reeve

Tim Reeve | Chris Reeve Knives |

Gary and Flexsystems are amazing. They just finished a VERY difficult project for me and Jen.
Client was slow on decision making, changed their minds several times, delayed approvals; in short were extremely demanding and problematic!

Gary kept a remarkably good attitude and demeanor through it all and ultimately got emblems affixed to 500+ individual flip flops in remarkable time to meet my clients impossible demands.

Thank you Flexsystems,

Dan McClung

Axis Promotions |


This was the first time that I had a need to purchase morale patches.

My order was very small but I was treated as a first rate client.

I would especially like to highlight the efforts of Diane and George.

FORGED Holsters is a hobby that may be turning into a business. I spend the majority of my time working as a business coach. It is refreshing to see this level of professionalism in a company.

Jeff Hunt
Executive Business Coach

Part Time Holster Maker

Hello George,
Hope you had a great 4th of July.
We got the label and we love them thank you.We appreciate the extra work you and Diane did to help get these to us.

Tina Bennett

Thank you so much for our awesome labels!
They are terrific! We love them & can’t wait to order another round in a different color scheme!

Thank you again for working with me to see this become a reality!


The mats look great thank you!

Alexander Crown


Actually they are spectacular!! Very pleased with everything. I can assure you that we have future business to do. Thank you so much for everything you did for us and following up as well.


Good morning, Gary, and thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with FlexSystems.

We’re a small startup business, with an equally small startup budget that doesn’t provide for the expertise of graphic designers. We knew we had to brand our products, but had no experience with labels. Over a two-week period, we sent out RFQ’s to about a dozen label makers.

Josh Florendo of FlexSystems contacted us within a couple of hours of our initial contact. He stayed with us, responding quickly and professionally. He answered our inexperienced questions, made wonderful suggestions, shipped us a package of samples, and stayed with us through the entire process.

George Veizaga, FlexSystems graphic designer, has been patient, informative, and extremely professional. He shipped us an expertly executed product. We made mistakes in our color choices for that first run of labels, and that’s on us, but George has been helping us place a follow up order that will give us a better visual impact on the product.

So what happened to the RFQ’s sent to your competitors? Nadda. We received courtesy follow ups days after the initial contact. The companies that quoted, based their numbers on products we didn’t spec, i.e. 2” squares when we specified 1” circles.

FlexSystems is a fabulous business model. Your employees are quick to respond, professional in their communications, and creative in their solutions. They have been a gift of clarity as we navigate the branding world. Thank you so much.

Carla Hudson
EagleWorks Holsters


You guys are awesome! Thank you!


Eagle eye

Hi Flex,

The California Sol labels arrived on Monday–thank you very much for all of your help with this order. They look terrific & we are looking forward to start sales very soon!
Please pass on my thanks to George; he was very good about keeping me updated on the status during the process.

Many thanks!
Danielle 🙂
Branding 365

Hi there Flexsystems,

The patches are fantastic ! Your crew goes above and beyond in regards to keeping customers informed thru the entire process. Getting more vector art together to put in another order.

Hope you have a great Monday !

Marisa Strider

I have got to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the patches and the process of working with the Flex-Systems team. Please pass on my thanks. We are already discussing the next design.

Very Respectfully,

David Parry, Jr.
Vice President, Trauma Division

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you to the Flexsystems USA staff for being a GREAT vendor to work with. Gary, George, Gracie, Melissa -and EVERYONE have truly gone above and beyond when dealing with any one of our orders.


Thank you!!!!

Karen Tihalas | Axis Promotions
67 South Bedford Street Suite 303W Burlington, MA 01803
Direct Dial: 617-658-6295 Fax: 617-244-7913 |

Hi Diane,

The patches came out great! Thank you for taking care of us and making American Made patches.

Leonard Riccio
Kitanica LLC

Hi, Diane. I just wanted to say that we got the patches last week and they look fantastic. Exactly like our prototypes.

Thanks so much for taking this project on and for doing such a great job.
Best regards.
Phil Bartoszewicz



We’ve started selling the new brown wolf patches and people love them. Thank you for making that patch awesome for us. We are wanting to have another run made with other colors, and I should have some new artwork coming soon for a whole new patch. Will you send me a listing of all your color options and what colors have additional properties like glow-in-the-dark, etc? We want to start having some more fun with these.


Thanks again for being awesome and always shipping us awesome products.


Zane Vogel


Co-Owner/ Production


Spiritus Systems

Spiritus Spiritus 2



RedbullHey Diane,

I haven’t taken my off. They are AMAZING, THANK YOU!!

Just waiting to hear if they’d like to order some in larger sizes. Will keep you posted!



Fern Crusco

Panther Marketing


Hello Diane,


Just get the patch from the french postal service… very nice work !!, congratulations !! it’s great… it won’t take a long time that member of the team request new ones with other colours.


Thanks a lot


Best regards


Thank you very much.

The world would be a much better place if everyone conducted business as you do!

You have my highest recommendations to anyone looking for products you make!

-Ace G. Laserna

Business Development & Product Support

Renegade Armor, LLC


We got the patches – they look great- thank you!!




It can sometimes be a daunting task to find a company that one can entrust with a new project or to continue with an existing one.  I must say, here at Custom Gun Rails we have been nothing but impressed with Flexsystems attention to detail and true professionalism.  Working with Melissa, Gary, George and the rest of the crew has been a true pleasure.  They focus on your project so you can focus on your business.


Angel Mendez




Thank you very much. You guys are easiest company I work with. Much appreciated.

Matthew McDaid
Section 1776, LLC

Gary Smith:

We received the patches and love them. We’re very impressed with the outcome and think our customers are going to love them too. Thank you for making these a reality for us. I look forward to making more products with you in the future.

Spiritus Systems

Hey Diane,

Flexsystems provided a creative decal called a hybrid which enabled my client’s difficult logo to be done in 4 color process on a 2 dimensional PVC decal.   The background of the decal also had to be matte black to resist reflection of light from overhead cameras.  Problem solved with the hybrid process!   May I add that they did this job inclusive of a physical proof in record time of 5 business days and communicated with me every step of the order and proof process.


testiDiane, I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you and your team did on our patch order. I have struggled for a long time to find a reliable source for quality patches that are Made in the USA, and at a reasonable price. Friends in the industry had advised me that it was impossible, and I should resolve myself to ordering patches that are made overseas. This time last year, I hadn’t discovered your company yet, and I was forced to do just that. The patches I had ordered from overseas last year were in the right color “family” I would say, but the color matching wasn’t even close to exact. This year, I was fortunate enough to find you a month before our big trade show in Las Vegas, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that you could turn around our order in just a few weeks. The quality your team managed to turn out in less than 2 weeks was fantastic, and the color matching to the sample swatches I gave was spot on, much better than I’ve seen from other patch vendors. The small premium that we payed versus imported patches was well worth it as we received many compliments on them at our show, and I was very proud to be able to say that everything on our table this year was Made in the USA. I’d also like to thank George in your art department who was very easy to work with. I’m extremely picky about art, and he was more than willing to accommodate my requested changes, which were literally a matter of 1 pixel at times. Thanks again for producing a stellar looking patch and right on schedule with your estimate. Sincerely, Marc Mummert CEO, Mummert Knives
headphoneHere is my client’s response to the shipment: You guys rock! That’s fantastic news. Thanks for your diligence on this complicated order as always!! How is that Diane! Joan Lasser Promocononline

firstHi Flex,

I think it’s safe for me to speak for everyone when I say that our reunion was probably one of the best experiences we’ve had as a group,  ever! ( aside from putting our feet back on American soil after Afghanistan, of course).

The men absolutely loved the patches!  Tim Brown, our artists that designed the logo couldn’t believe the level of detail that you were able to maintain.

under normal circumstances I would share his exact words with you, but some of the overly excited expletives he used would be inappropriate for me to send.

Pictures will be forthcoming in just a few hours from me, and over the next couple days as well, as I gather the rest from the platoon. I just wanted to get this initial email out to you so you would know that we haven’t forgot about you!

Again ma’am, we can’t thank you enough for your contributions, and for making our reunion just that much better. And to top it all off you’re a made in the USA company! We were very happy to not have to go outside the US to get these.


Todd Alan Torrance, and the men of Fighting First!

2014-08-27_16.38.34-b Listen to the testimonial from Quin Linich. The President of Chairborne Commandos, a popular radio station for the military and vets. Click Here to Listen Audio Testimonial Quin Linich U.S. Navy Veteran
Thank you for that Gary and please pass my thanks to Diane Chapman. FIY since you all made our first batch of patches, we have driven over 5000 miles, been featured on 6 different TV stations as well as Sirius XM radio, and we have taught over 100 participants at 5 different Airsoft fields. United States Continued Service is continuing to serve and moving forward. We foresee a long relationship with Flex Systems and in fact would love to take your banners and name on the road with us. If you all have an interest in sponsoring us we would welcome you along for the journey. Very Respectfully, Jonathan T. Gilliam
testimonialThank you Gary! I’m grateful everything got sorted out. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly, you guys are good. Two questions: when I need more patches of the same type, just give you a call and fill out the PO, correct? I have a few other designs that I would like made int patches, to create a new patch based around the same surf dude would require a complete work like the first? Thank you again, Joel
John Paul the Great Catholic UniversityHi Diane, They turned out great – thanks so much! I actually just dropped a thank you note in the mail to you. The University will be offering up our campus Mass next Monday for you and your intentions. God bless, Joe Houde Admissions Representative John Paul the Great Catholic University
image002 (1)Hi Gary, sorry I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten back to you all. Stand by I will send pics. Please pass on to everyone there that I can’t thank you enough for the rapid, efficient, and spot on work that you all did for USCS. From the very first phone call your attitude was “we can do it” which, is in stark contrast to your competitors. This country needs more companies like yours and employees that understand how important their attitudes are to the customer. I see a long relationship with Flexsystems in the future. Very Respectfully, Jonathan T. Gilliam Founder/CEO United States Continued Service “Still Serving”
MFF-JMGary, Thanks for contacting me. I have actually been meaning to let you guys know that the patches have been a great hit here. In May I acted as Military Free Fall Jump Master at an International Jump week, which was comprised of 6 European nations. Everyone of them commented on how good the patches looked and they all tried to steal them. I tried to get a good pictures of them in action but all I could get was a couple blurry screen shots. Once I get some proper pictures I’ll send then to you. SOCAFRICA HQC NCOIC
UFC KC 1Gary …. xoxoxo They are amazing!!!!! Have a great weekend! Ally
image001I received the patches today and have already passed them out to the unit, they are a huge hit, everybody loves them. Thanks again for the help. Michael Anderson
Hi Diane, The key chains were great. I hope the floating ones come before boating season is over! Thanks so much! Jennifer Marshall League to Save Lake Tahoe keep-tahoe-blue
Thanks so much, Diane. You, and Flexsystems, have been great since we started this project. A pleasure to work with.Hope to do lots more business with you in the future. All the best, Larry R. Snyder image001
Flexsystems, I just got back from leave so I apologize for the late response. I saw the patches this morning and wanted to say they look great! Thank you for all of your heard work and I will be sure to pass your name to anyone looking for patches, thanks again. SOCAFRICA HQC NCOIC
Hi Flexsystems, About your custom VELCRO® brand fasteners® pvc patches- We got them and they are awesome!! Thank you so much for your support and the work you put in with us. We WILL be back. Have a great weekend. Marty Martin S. Sidor Logistics Manager HQC Special Operations Command Africa DSN: 314-421-5358 Commercial: (49) 711-729-5358
Hi Josh Would like to thank you for your great product…… Absolutely fabulous…..perfect in every way!!!!!! Sue Murray-Owner Balu & Co.
Happy Friday! We just had a great experience with Flex Systems a vendor that does custom PVC labels. They produced labels for MTV2 and then adhered them by heat seal to beats by Dre headphone cases that the client provided. This is the second time we have worked with them and they were great!!!!! Ask for Gary! Jennifer Sanders Allen Catalyst Marketing Director of Strategic Accounts
Gary Hey thanks for asking, we are so pleased with them! I am delighted you suggested using an alternative design it came out way better than expected. I have put them around some of the other Missions and the teams there are discussing their needs so I would think we will order some more in the future. I’ve included a picture of one going to work, as such. Regards Robin Stenhouse Fire, Safety & HAZMAT Officer OIC Integrated Fire & Safety Unit Security Section United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL)
We used Flex Systems when we had an oversized area (12 X 8″) that had a 3 color imprint needed. Screening wouldn’t work as it was a pebbly surface. It also would be vulnerable to moist conditions which a decal would not hold up to over a long period of time. But the labels we obtained from Flex Systems were not only gorgeous with the detail & PMS colors needed – it looked so much more professional than any other process could have ever tried to accomplish with our project. My client was extremely happy with it ! The whole process of working with everyone at Flex Systems couldn’t have been more accommodating or professional! I would definitely recommend them for any project ! Michelle Radcliffe (order was when I was with Eskco)
Guys…… thank you very much for the gift card. This speaks volumes about your approach to your business. We are definitely appreciative, its all about the little things. I will not think twice about working with you again and referring you to anyone I know that might need your services. Respectfully – Tony !!
Many thanks to both of you for getting these to the customer in time. They loved them! You made me look goodJ I hope to send more business your way, if all goes well. Blessings, Vicki Schroff American Solutions for Business
Chris Busse/Mobile Edge “We rate Flexsystems as an “A+”.  Over the years, the Flex staff has performed consistently in the areas of  communication and delivery within lead-times. My salesrep, John, always replies back quickly to my order requests, and the production staff goes out of their way to ship product to me fast. ”
Tomar/Benthic Gear “We base the style of our unique re-breathing systems around the superior embellishing treatment of the “Flex System.”  The 3D look sets us apart from the competition, and the parts will not succumb to the harsh environments our products are exposed to.”
Distributor Your Ratings   Private Comment

In Gear Creations 707.544.7001 707.526.1013Submitted: 03/01/10 Customer Service: Delivery: Product Quality: Decoration Quality: Problem Resolution: A+ A+ A A A+ Supplier did rush order and supplied a quality product. Assisted in picking up the product to be labled, made a quality product and shipped out within a week. Very impressed. Customer very happy.
Hi All, Thank you so much for taking care of us and our client!!! We appreciate all the help J Have a wonderful day,

Gary, I know we had a small initial order that was probably a slight pain in the ass to deal with, but I’m really loving the way they turned out! Great job, and thank you for your follow-up/through. I can’t wait to see them on our track side clothing. Greg Taniguchi
Good morning, We just received the order of jackets and they look great as usual! Thank you and your team for all your hard work and making this happen. I know our customer will be thrilled with them. Troy Nelson Trojan Promotions
Guys… Pardon my French, but these look KICK ASS!…. APPROVED… Lets get this goin. What do you need from me? Sean Nexus ITS
Hi Gary, I received the thank you note and gift card the other day and just wanted to thank you for them. Also, the patches look fantastic! I am definitely glad I went with flex systems as the patches came out better than I intended. thanks again!
Thank you, I received. We were very satisfied with our 1st purchase from Flexsystems. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Kelli Burau Marketing and Administrative Coordinator
Gary and Josh, We did receive the gift card and put it in our drawing for Christmas Party door prizes. The client was very excited about the gloves that y’all did for us. They looked great. I hope y’all have a very filling Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous and Happy New Year. Thank you very much. James Patton Cotton Cargo
Thanks for the gift certificate! Thanks for the nice zipper pulls! I hope to sell allot of kits, our site just went LIVE this week! Will keep you posted! We will start our ad campaigns next week!! Julie Vcovers LLC
Gary, Saw an article about your company on today. I have to say these patches are almost indestructible – my team has worn them in Texas heat, the cold and rain, they’ve been run over, ground up against concrete, slid down rocky hills in Oklahoma and neither the patch or the VELCRO® brand fasteners® has shown any signs of wear. The color on my first batch has held up strong and all of them look as good as the day I got them in the mail. Thanks for making a great product! Kit Young Demon Hounds
Hi Flexsystems, We received the O-Nits yesterday! I want to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and look of them! Great job by your team and thank you for the great service! Thank you, Marc
Hi Gary, I arrived home from a weeks holiday earlier this week to discover that I had a package waiting to be collected, I love that feeling, and when I realised it was from you I was most excited as I’d been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival, wondering how they’d turn out. To cut a long story short; I am very pleased with the product and extremely impressed with the quality and detail. Josh has been a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process and I hope to be putting another order in with you for more of these (OWL) and a few other designs too. Again, I am very pleased with your service and thank you all very much. Kind regards Simon Smallhorne
Thank you for all your help…my # 1 customer loves what you do! 😉 Thank you, Connie S. Congleton CSC
They LOVED it!! Lauren presented them last week . Laur – can you please Gary and Diane a quick summary of their thoughts? Thanks Diane and Gary for RUSHING THEM!! We love you guys! Johanna Decal Gottlieb | Axis Promotions
Thanks very much for your help in expediting the production of this order Gary. I appreciate it. Chris Weishar Accent Advertising
Hi Gary!

 Just wanted to let you know that the football ribbon key chains were exactly what the client was looking for. They were even more happy once they saw them in hand!
 Thank you again to you and your team for making this project happen. It was our first experience with you company and it went great.
 My best,
Kate B. Berglund
Creative Principal
 KB design llc.
Got them Gary!  Thanks they look great!  Have a good week! Brandon Parrish owner | broker |
Hi Gary! Just wanted to let you know that the football ribbon key chains were exactly what the client was looking for. They were even more happy once they saw them in hand! Thank you again to you and your team for making this project happen. It was our first experience with you company and it went great. My best, Kate
Good morning Diane—Thanks for the help on this project, the tags looked great and we have started installing them.

Thanks JJ.Harper Halliburton Production Maintenance Methods Analyst
Hi Diane and team,

Our client was EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome of the pre production sample – thank you SO much!
I sent over four jackets last week – Can you please confirm receipt of these jackets? We are now ready to go into production on these four units.
Ship date for these four?
Stefanie Martel | Axis Promotions
You have done a great job for us Thanks…….. The product is selling well and we have a few new Ideas we are working on.

Jon Williams
Crescendo Graphics LLC
Hi Diane,

Funny you emailed me because you were on my list to follow up with today. They were really impressed with them and we got it sold in, so YAY! I think it really helped to have actual samples for them to look at and get excited about. We are in the process of determining quantity – trying to up the quantity so all of our sales reps can have a stash. They want us to make a couple minor tweaks to the design, but I should have all that wrapped up by end of the week to put in an order.
Thank you again so much for helping us out with the samples and doing such a great job on short notice!
Diane, I’m planning to make another order of patches from your company since the first batch has just been perfect. They’ve been through all sorts of abuse and they still look great. The plan is to use the same mold, but using a different set of colors that I’ll be putting together. Let me know how to walk through another order and any other details I’ll need to handle. Thanks! -Kit Young
You guys Rock! I’m stuffing my face with your gift card today!  Thanks for lunch! Steve Maccaferri
These came in today and they look amazing! Thanks for all of your help! We had ordered 6 sample labels for our sales staff. I don’t see them in the box though. Do those ship separately? Thank you, Rebecca McIntire Multi Business Systems
Gary, Thank you for the Subway gift card. I really appreciate it. You were our first venture into rubber patches and we are excited to be able to offer these as a decoration option to our customers. I think it’s a great addition to the garments we produce. deanna buchanan brand associate blue dog merch
Flexsystems has enabled us to provide our top corporate accounts with creative products. We often turn to Flex for ‘solutions’ to our branding challenges. We have been able to execute many creative projects by applying the Flexsystems patches in locations and in ways that most suppliers don’t typically offer. Axis has a unique partnership with Flex that we truly value. We love a challenge and enjoy when our suppliers have the same attitude! I am proud to be the Flexsystems’ FAMOUS Distributor of the Month.

— Larry Cohen, President, Axis Promotions


I’m so sorry I had to be so firm. I am normally not like that believe it or not. Melissa, you were a real champ! I had a deadline. Period. Trijicon is very, very firm about what they want & when they want it. I appreciate everyone’s effort on this 1st order.   I hope to give you more business and without all the restrictions. Have a happy New Year! Karen Karen S. Forbes    Sr. Account Executive MacKellar Associates, Inc.
Good afternoon Diane, I just wanted to let you know that we received the Orange Leaf Patches today and we love them, they look awesome! We just hope our customer loves them J Thank you for all your help on this project! Sincerely,  Brittni Ayers    
Melissa – The OGIO padfolios arrived today and look wonderful!  Better than the concept and it makes me excited to share this with everyone here at SanMar. Please give my thanks to Diane and Gary as well. Kindest Regards, Kimberly
SAGE Online’s real-time supplier rating: Customer Service: A+ Delivery: A+ Product Quality: A+ Decoration Quality: A+ Tony Aguilar Falero Kramas Inc.
“I received the MSU 3D labels last Friday and they look great! Just awesome. Thanks again for everything.” Ted Harris, MSU
“The team loves the patches. They’ve taken tumbles down steep grades, run through forests with them on, and the damage rubs right off. Even under hot Texas sun for hours, they haven’t turned color one bit, and they’re easily recognizable. The VELCRO® brand fasteners® fastener is very strong and shows no signs of separating from the patch itself. These are top-notch, and even with the small order I placed, I’m also glad you’re keeping touch. I’ll keep you posted if we need another order anytime soon, I might be having some demand for the patches done in alternate colors. Thanks for checking in!” Kit Young, Demon Hounds
“I have admired your work for some time and am delighted that we finally have an opportunity to do something with you. Kindest regards.” Rose Marie, Adelante Group Inc.
“Wonderful to work with.” SAGE Online’s real-time supplier rating: Customer Service: A+ Delivery: A+ Product Quality: A+ Decoration Quality: A+ Problem Resolution: A+ International Tee’s and More
“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the labels appear to have done the trick at our last trade show, and there is talk of using them again in a similar application for upcoming events, for which we are still sufficiently stocked. Our needs have yet to go beyond the “rubber labels” but as I’ve mentioned to you previously I will keep you in mind if anything else comes up.” Jacqueline Lamarre, Revision Military
“I need another 200 pieces of the same exact Malex Medical logo we just did. Please use PO# FS080912. Shipping to Georgia again. How soon can we have these? They look great, by the way!” David R. Siegel, Flagship Medical
“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the labels appear to have done the trick at our last trade show (see image below), and there is talk of using them again in a similar application for upcoming events, for which we are still sufficiently stocked. Our needs have yet to go beyond the “rubber labels” but as I’ve mentioned to you previously I will keep you in mind if anything else comes up.” Jacqueline Lamarre, Revision Military
“Yes, I did receive the Subway gift card. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it very much!! Thank you for all your help and patience with my camo cooler order. I’m so glad to get that order behind me. Thank you again and for the great gift card! Yum-o!” Michelle Moller, Moller Promotional Products
“Great!!, exellent…service” Tony Aguilar, Kramas Promo
“Due to the unusual nature of my request I expected delays and problems and was pleasantly surprised there were none.  Very satisfied. Gary was great.” “Overall Satisfaction = 5, Product Quality = 5, Communications = 5, Delivery = 5, Imprinting/Personalization = 5 – ASI Submitted Review” Kelly Connolly, KC Specialty
“I should use you guys more often. Your quick turns and order process in general is very straightforward and easy.” Candis Burdett Clean Fun Promotions
“We did a Flex patch to decorate a bag for AMC. This piece was originally going to be laminated but we had to rush the job and eliminate that step. Thank you John and David and Melissa at Flex for getting all this done in less than 1 week!” Johanna Decal, Axis
“We have been doing business with Flexsystems® for three years now. They have provided us with quality work for our top clients. The molded patches really compliment the Mobile Edge products, and we are continuing to grow with Flexsystems® by introducing the Flex recycled PVC patches to our recycled bag line this year.” Summer Valdez, Mobile Edge
“I have been telling my customers that embroidery is a thing of the past, go with molds.” Jontae James, O2 Marketing
“We have decided to pursue PVC as we are not pleased with embroidery. Flexsystems® has been very professional, easy to contact, willing to work and most impressive is the art work that was returned to us for the hangtags. The art was defined, easy to understand, great text and came within several days. We look forward to receiving those samples.” Kate Vandenborre, Babyface Bandanas
“Supplier did rush order and supplied a quality product. Assisted in picking up the product to be labeled, made a quality product and shipped out within a week. Very impressed. Customer very happy.” James Gerein, In Gear Creations
“And…thank you all SO much…we just received our samples…THEY LOOK GREAT…and 11 minutes to spare before client walks in our front door!!! Thanks again and we will be in touch on any future work that fits your market…you’ve made a GRAND impression over here!” Debbie Ferris, InnerWorkings
“My customer really bought into the idea of transforming the JOLT COLA can into a PVC patch, keychain, sticker and magnet.” Chris Martins, the Cooley Group
“My client, James River, was in a bind. They had purchased waterproof PVC jackets that could not be embroidered, as the embroidery would have rendered them useless. I was very lucky that my co-worker, Bobby Baughn, referred me to Flexsystems®. John quickly provided a solution by first testing the jacket with their heat seal method, and then they delivered the order in a reasonable timeframe. This made my customer very happy. They will reorder the same jackets for Winter 2010/2011.” Melissa Keller, Promotional Considerations
“It was a great experience all the way around. Gary Smith was great to work with” Roger Kegg, Kegg’s Quick Turnaround
“I was very pleased with Flexsystems®’ ability to meet my specifications. I had many changes through the prototyping stages, and Dave in the art department did a great job working with the Flexsystems factory to make those changes. We now have a sellable product.” Michael Newman, Pom
“You guys did an amazing job and saved the day, and talked me through the entire process… please move my name to the very happy customer list.” Caroline Hick, Doug Fregolle Promotions
“Thanks to all the Flex Team for baby sitting my first order with you. We’ll be doing more…” Ed Gerber, Jack Nadel
“This is a thank you and a plug for Flexsystems® in CA. They turned 5 6×3″ adhesive patches and 5 2×1.5” patches for us in less than 24 hours. They never grunted or batted an eye over how small the order was ans even did 4 vituals of each size for the client to approve. These are shipping tonight for delivery tomorrow morning. This was one of our usual “last minute” projects and has to be in Vegas tomorrow. John was very accomodating and his art dept was VERY organized and patient. Please use Flex when you can, they offer some very creative solutions and are awesome to work with.” Johanna Decal, Axis
“Our bags, decorated with the Flexsystems® patches, always seem to get the most attention at our tradeshow booth.” Laura Lazzaro, Mobile Edge