PVC Labels For Sports Gear

PVC labels For Sports GearPVC labels

We worked with our customer from Eve’s Eden Cup Group to create a unique 3-D PVC label for their sports gear.  The group needed PVC labels for their sporting goods such as hats, sweat bands and towels.  And we were happy to manufacture the 3-D label with attention to detail as this particular label has a great deal of it!

Our PVC labels can be easily sewn onto the product because of our flexible and durable material made from a bio-corn base, which is free of phthalates.  This makes our labels Prop 65 compliant as well as eco-friendly.  Made to last for a very long time and under the harshest environments, our PVC labels are the superior choice.

Manufactured in San Diego, Flexsystems has made PVC labels since 1994.  We have a broad range of customers for which we manufacture PVC labels.   From clothing, bags, medical gear, hats and sporting goods we do it all.  Our team can even sew, adhere or heat seal your labels onto your product.  Here at Flexsystems, we are committed to manufacturing high quality PVC labels and products.



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