3D PVC Promotional ProductsAs you know, your company’s logo is essential to your overall business identity, culture, and marketing. When looking for products for your business that will highlight your logos, such as uniform shirts, promotional products and labels, you want items that are both attractive and durable. Rubber products, such as PVC labels, can be used on uniforms, hats, bags, jackets and more. Unlike embroidery or silk screening, these labels are crafted to last, and can stand up to far more wear and tear while retaining their quality and appearance.

If your business is looking for label manufacturers to help you with custom products for your business, Flexsystems is here for you.

When considering custom logo patches for your business, you probably think of traditional embroidery patches that can be sewn or ironed on to products. From uniform shirts and jumpsuits, to ball caps and promotional bags, these types of labels have been essential for companies. At Flexsystems, we’ve taken the concept of an embroidered label and brought it into the future. Our custom-molded PVC labels can also be sewn or heat-sealed to products, and their eye-catching three-dimensional appearance elevates your logo to sleek, stylish, and most importantly, recognizable.

Beyond our labels, patches and other promotional products, Flexsystems also offers a variety of truly customized products that can help get your business logo out there, including items like custom bar mats.

A staple of the food and beverage industry, bar mats are a simple way to keep your logo displayed in incredibly public places, such as bars, restaurants, festivals and catered events. Because we craft our 3D mats to your colors and specifications, you can ensure that your logo remains visible and relevant even under heavy use. We can also create corresponding accessories, such as coasters and tray liners.

Whatever business you are in and whatever your target market is, having durable, attractive and attention grabbing labels is an essential way to promote brand recognition. PVC products, such as Flexsystems’ labels, bar mats and custom manufactured items, are tools that can take your business to the next level.

Your company logo and identity is the cornerstone of your business, so why not invest in products that show it off? To learn more about Flexsystems, and how we can custom-make promotional items for your business, contact us today.