FlexSystems handles Difficult to Decorate

We have had some interesting challenges over the years. Anything from large Game Chairs, where we not only make the 3D molded PVC label but we also heat sealed it onto the game chairs, to appliances, BBQ sets, watches, sombreros and Converse shoes.

We are not just a USA manufacturer of the PVC labels and patches, we also make custom plastic PVC parts and promotional items. This makes it easy to coordinate the labels with the decoration.  Our promotional product distributors often need help decorating items that most companies cannot handle.  Sometimes we use adhesives, but we will always require an item to test and send back to you for approval so that you are happy with the bond.

Over the years we have decorated many non-traditional items.

The following are a few examples:

The radio was decorated with our custom label. We heat sealed the part onto the Insignia radio and used a 3M product to assure the bond.

We made a custom PVC labels for a ski tournament and then had our labels sewn on the goggles.

The Game Chairs were huge!

The most difficult or challenging part was just handling these to unpack them. Once we did, we had to come up with a tool to heat seal the custom labels onto the vinyl chair!  Our PVC labels worked out great- PVC to vinyl is a strong bond. Once decorated, we packed them up again and shipped them off.

Head phones were a hit. Many of us here in the company wanted a pair! We used our dome labels to decorate these high end headphones.

We made our custom zipper pulls here in San Diego and then added them to the Zip Buds.






The General Dymanic Tank label was very detailed. And all the copy Needed to me in a very small space on the brand label. Once We made the pvc labels, we then had our operators sew them Carefully onto the night vision  goggles.






The Fleur de Lis is a universal symbol….the area that the 3D logo went was very small. Under .5 x .5 to fit onto the flip flop Strap. But the detail was no problem for our process and we heat sealed Them onto the sandals for a promotion. Our distributor was very happy To say the least !






We received this project from Axis in NYC…one of our favorite Distributors to work with. They loved the Zip Bud product for Their customer. We took off the existing metal zip pull, created and made The 3D pvc custom zipper pull and then attached to the product. We also Took the part from the packaging and then repackaged it. All in one week !


How do you decorate waders? With custom 3D logos ! The label was heat sealed onto The heavy boots quite easily. The only tough part was the handling of such heavy items, but our heat seal Operators did a great job!