USA PVC Label Maker on High End Furniture

Flexsystems, a USA manufacturer of custom pvc labels, was chosen to make a large pvc label for a high end furniture piece. We are located in San Diego, California and all of our parts are made in our manufacturing facility on site.

This high-end chair has a military campaign feel to it. The chairs are made in the USA and the company wanted USA Made parts on the product line. The large part was 12 x 15 inches and very colorful. We use our unique patented FlexBioCorn material so the parts are green and fit into the companies desire for environment friendly merchandise.

Close up detail of the Sons of Bagnato PVC Label Made in the USA

Close up detail of the Sons of Bagnato PVC Label Made in the USA

Bagnato is a family owned company that has been making furniture since the late 1800’s. This particular piece pays homage to the ‘Sons of Bagnato’ who have carried on the family tradition of making furniture. To learn more about their company and this particular piece, visit the following website:




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