USA Made Custom PVC Labels Sewn onto Dickies shirts

USA made Custom PVC labelsUSA Made Custom PVC Labels Sewn onto Dickies shirts

Some people are surprised to find out that our USA made custom PVC labels are sewn onto garments. And even more surprised when they find out that we do the decoration as well as manufacture the custom patches and labels.

I thought these were only made in the Orient” is a frequent response to our detailed soft and flexible USA made custom PVC labels, PVC patches, PVC keychains and PVC luggage tags. It is not easy being a manufacturer, but when you see the beautiful custom sew on PVC label on a high end shirt, it makes it all worth it. Especially when our distributors tell us how happy they are with the quality and service.

So think USA made custom PVC labels when you look at decorating your line of clothing, bags or hats. We are the only company in the world to offer these items in a medical grade PVC material. There are no phthalates in our resin. Instead, we use a corn ingredient. Our custom PVC labels are eco friendly.  For high quality decoration and manufacturing in one place come to Flexsystems.

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