USA Manufacturer Flexsystems Joins the “Made In America” Movement

Encouraging consumers to buy USA made goods is what Flexsystems is planning for the 2013. Flexsystems, a USA Manufacturer, has joined the Made in America Movement. A group committed to lobbying for USA manufacturers and encouraging USA made goods.

USA ManufacturerFlexsystems, a USA Manufacturer, has joined the newly created Made in America Movement. The group is committed to lobbying for USA manufacturers and encouraging consumers to buy USA made goods.
Few people realize that if we purchased just 1% more in “Made in USA” products, it would create 250,000 new jobs. For every dollar spent on a Made in USA product, that same dollar generates another $1.40 in revenue. It’s called the Multiplier Effect. This important fact propelled Flexsystems to join so they could help spread the word and in their own way, help restore the manufacturing industries in the USA.Since 1994, Flexsystems has been manufacturing custom keychains, custom emblems, logo patches and brand labels for a variety of companies and industries. They have seen a large decrease in the business around the year 1998 when companies began to move production to the Orient. Committed to the USA, they sought new niches markets and services where they could compete with the low wages in the Far East. “It has not been easy, but we did not want to move our factory to the Orient”, said Melissa De La Rosa, the General Manger. “The promotional product industry was a good spot for us. Our no minimum policy and rush services meant that we could beat the Orient in those areas.”
Recently, there has been a slow buy growing trend to bring businesses back to the USA as well as a growing consumer ground swell to buy American. And as a result, groups such as Made in American Movement and others are growing in popularity as people want to join them and spread the word via social media.This could not come at a better time as the USA struggles to come out of the recession that it fell into during the 2007/2008 years. If manufacturing picks up, the rest of the economy follows suit. And most important, if the manufacturing is growing, this provides the good jobs that helped to create the largest middle class economy in the world. About FlexSystems USA, Inc.
FlexSystems USA, Inc. is a premier importer and manufacturer of custom plastic and rubber products. They use flexible 2D and 3D custom process-sew to manufacture tailor-made emblems for bags, key chains, polo shirts, and other promotional items. They are located at 727 West Main Street, El Cajon, California. Contact them at or call 619-401-1858 today.