Custom PVC Keychains

Custom PVC keychainsCustom PVC keychains

Custom PVC keychainsCustom PVC Keychains for Lake Tahoe

Custom PVC keychains are used in most tourist locations.  And Lake Tahoe is no exception.

The clear blue waters are a magnet for summer vacationers and our two styles of key chains were popular this year.  The custom PVC keychain “Keep Tahoe Blue” captures the vivid blue colors of the lake. Most people who have been going up to the Lake appreciate the nonprofit group that sells them.  The League to Save Lake Tahoe has been instrumental in bringing awareness about the delicate clarity of the Lake and how we must take good care of it.

Boaters this summer loved the floatie keychain.  This EVA product was created in the shape of the lake.  You can see the area on the left that stretches out and represents Emerald Bay.  If you were at Homewood this summer, you would see many Woody boats pulling up to the restaurant with the floatie keychain in the ignition.

Our custom PVC keychains are made right here in San Diego.  We have been making custom rubber key chains since 1994 and after our PVC labels; they are the number one product for us.

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