PVC Custom LabelsCustom Labels

We make our custom labels at our factory in San Diego. And the custom pvc labels are used for a wide variety of purposes. From custom labels for clothing and hats and bags for the promotional product distributors we work with to custom labels for the shoe industry, equipment industry and the uniform industry. Our USA Made custom labels are also found on motocross clothing, military uniforms, medical first responder items, dog collars and dog leashes as well as on luggage, computer cases and sporting good items.

Custom Label Material. USA only.

We are the only company in the world to use a medical grade PVC that has a corn ingredient instead of phthalates. And we have the exclusive for this. The material was originally created for a human heart catheter manufacturer. The pvc material is still soft and flexible and our molded custom flexible pvc labels feel wonderful, they are very tactile. We can also special blend to meet specific ASTM standards. From cold crack to fire resistant or whatever requirement you might have. Our material is easy to sew and in many cases you can heat seal them to a variety of materials. But we suggest you test them before you buy to be certain that the bond is what you require.

Custom LabelHow to Order Custom Labels

If you want to order custom labels, please send your artwork, size and quantity to our quote desk and they will email you a quote within 24 hours. If this is a rush or you need to talk to someone, please email us at sales@flexsystems.com or call our sales team 619-401-1858.

Once you have your quote, you can then send in your purchase order with your credit card payment to sales@flexsystems.com


Types of Custom Labels

We can make glow in the dark custom labels, tactical labels with VELCRO® brand fasteners®, hook and loop custom labels, large custom labels up to 10 x 14 inches and as small as .4 x .4 inches. We can add mesh to the parts as well as glitter, scent and texture. We have added an ingredient from the Amazon for a customer of ours and have been asked to add CA or cellulose acetate. Otherwise known as cigarette butts. We have a line of Eco labels as well. And other customers require that we only use our postindustrial material for their custom labels. We can add 3M tape to the back of the labels as well as VELCRO® brand fasteners® or hook and loop.